Leona Lewis ft Justin Timberlake ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ (Leaked Track)

August 16th, 2009 by Geraint

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‘Don’t Let Me Down’ is said to be a new track from Leona Lewis‘ forthcoming second album. Considering the potentially explosive amazingness of a Leona/Justin Timberlake duet, this is actually a little bit disappointing. It’s just exactly the kind of power ballad you’d expect from Leona, no more, no less. JT may as well not be there – he seems to supply a small backing vocal only.

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One Response to “Leona Lewis ft Justin Timberlake ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ (Leaked Track)”

  1. Silvan Says:

    don’t quite see how this could have been the first single of her new album. Nothing wrong with this song, but neither catchy or groundbreaking. Jahdieja, Justin sings a few lines, but really, he’s over his peak and frankly I never was that into him anyway. So Leona, make sure you come back with something really amazing, not just ‘a name’.

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