Leona Lewis ‘Strangers’ (New Song Snippet)

July 2nd, 2009 by Geraint

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Leona Lewis‘ new song ‘Strangers‘ starts off like U2 and then takes a turn into Chris Brown ‘Forever’ territory (thanks to Supercracko for pointing that out to us.) See what she means?
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And here are some more tunes:

Perfect Stranger
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2 Responses to “Leona Lewis ‘Strangers’ (New Song Snippet)”

  1. DJ Mentalbeats Says:

    I love Leona Lewis. She’s beautiful and there’s no doubt that she’s definitely TALENTED! However, ‘Strangers’ (written and produced by OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder) does nothing for me. I am a HUGE fan of U2, but mixing their sound in with a song that doesn’t know what direction it wants to go in…. bad idea. I hope the rest of the new project sounds much better than this. ‘Spirit’ was a nice project. Would love to see Lewis do an entire project with songwriter/producer Walter Afanasieff. In my opinion, that would be Leona at her very best.

  2. greg Says:

    different to what i had imagined. when is it out? i guess they will want to get her new stuff out before alexandra burke’s onslaught in november / december?

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