All that you wanted to know about survivalist knife

How often have we bought things without enough research? We guess atleast once! This could typically happen if you do not know how to use a survivalist knife. If you are unaware of it’s top features and types, you may end up using the wrong one. There are many types of outdoor enthusiasts – those who trek mountains, hills; camp beside rivers and lakes; explore jungles and islands. Each of these activities calls for different type of survival knife. You could also own a survival knife, if you travel alone at odd hours. It could come in handy when attacked by strangers.

Knowing how to conceal it is important, how you grip the knife will also be pertinent to get the right strike. When you hold the knife it should feel natural in you hand. Choosing the best folding tactical knife will cater to most of the dangers that you may have to face in daily life.

Features and usage of survivalist knife

Survival knives has many purposes, it can be used for hunting, cooking, chopping branches and tall grass and digging the ground. They are designed for concealment, hence, on an average they would be 4-8 inces in length. The blades are generally handmade with extreme power. They are capable of doing almost everything that a machete may be able to do. They could come in foldable variety which is even more convenient for self-defence, it is easily concealable. They have handles which are just enough to get a good grip. The material with which the grip is done is important, a matte finish which offers a tight grip is ideal. The blade of survivalist knife is either serrated or straight, depending on your requirement you may choose that suits you best. For cutting branches, rope and other such items, serrated blades are ideal. However, they are tough to sharpen. Straight blades are good for cooking, digging and hunting. Serrated blades may not be suitable in a folding model.

Top survivalist knives

Some of the top survivalist knives in the market include becker bk-2, spydercogaylebradley 2.

Becker bk-2 has a handmade blade designed by Ethan becker, it is manufactured by well knownKa-Bar knives Inc. They are the fixed variety with a straight blade. These are easier to maintain. There is a hard nylon sheath provided as the case for this knife. It is suitable for all types of camping activities. It has been tested to do tough jobs and is effective in most situations.

SpydercogayleBradley is a US made knife with a handmade blade. spyderco gayle bradley 2 name to reckon. This one is a spyderco high quality knife. They design knives which are used by paramilitary forces. This knife, like all other knives from the manufacturer provides a hollow – ground satin finish which is made of crucible steel CPM M4. This material enhances the impact resistance. This powdered metal finish also lends an even steel grain structure. This particular knife has a swedge at the core of the knife, this makes the knife extremely light to carry around.