Top Rated DSLR Camera of 2016

A photographer is fully responsible for taking an image that is full of life. But the camera is his best friend. The features and characteristics of a good DSLR camera combined with the skill of the photographer makes every moment picture perfect!

With a DSLR camera, every shot taken is more reliable and more consistent. As DSLRs tend to have a large image sensor, the photos captured are of great quality even in low light situations. Also, for large prints DSLRs are advantageous. The advantages that DSLRs have over other cameras are the autofocus, much larger sensor, more choice on the selection of lenses, flash and other accessories that come with it. But they also have a few disadvantages like the ‘not so easy to carry’ characteristic because of its large lens and certain cameras lacking the efficiency while shooting video. But there are also DSLRs that are now available in the market that excel in shooting video and are light-weight. Read the reviews on the top rated DSLR cameras by clicking know more. The Nikon D750 and Canon T5i are two DSLRs that is worth mentioning here.

Nikon D750

The Nikon D750 is an advanced camera and has a 24.3 mega pixel CMOS image sensor and EXPEED 4 image processor. The sharpness and resolution of the photographs captured via this camera stands out among the crowd. The smoothness, the sturdiness, and the battery makes it a powerful camera for use. As it is water repellent, it is a travelers’ favorite to carry where the weather is quite erratic. The camera is very easy to handle and is the most favorite among the photo enthusiasts. For more information on the Pros and Cons of this camera, visit the website to read The Nikon D750 review – Pros and Cons !

Canon T5i

Another camera worth mentioning here is the Canon T5i. It’s an upgraded version of the T4i while it has retained the favorite features of the T4i; it has a better lens and costs less than its predecessor. The most important pros of this camera are its impeccable image quality, 9 cross-type AF points, Stereo microphones, Multi-shot modes, built-in touch screen ad improved kits lens. What’s more, it cost effective too. No wonder, Canon T5i received high scores at our in depth review (2016, 2017).


There are other DSLRs in the top rated and recommended DSLR camera list. One is the Canon EOS 5D Mark 3, Pentax K-1 Full frame DSLR camera, Canon EOS 70D and Nikon D3300. All these cameras are worth buying. But make sure to analyze

* The photography type for which the camera will be used as each camera excels in its own characteristics.

* The budget of the camera. Don’t just go for cheap ones as it will be tough for upgradation in the future. See what suits better for your requirement.

* The Brand. In case of upgradation and familiarity with a brand, it is better to choose the one that is comfortable. This varies from user to user.

Enjoy the art of photography with your favorite DSLR!