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Cher records Lady GaGa track ‘The Greatest’

CherBurlesque 520x346 Cher records Lady GaGa track The Greatest
If GaGa calls herself ‘Mother Monster’, then Cher should be ‘Mother Diva’. The 65-year-old diva tweeted she recorded the first track for her new album and confirmed it’s a track written by GaGa & RedOne called ‘The Greatest Thing‘.

Just walked in from studio ! I Finished 1st track on new cd &……..”GAGA ” ” YOU ARE THE GREATEST THING TO ME ”

It’s not a duet ! Who knows ? I Did Hold her “Meat Purse” haha! One can wish! It’s one of her songs & she & Redone gave it to me 4 my cd !

It’s likely the song is the Lady GaGa demo ‘The Greatest‘ that surfaced online last year. We’re a bit over autotune, so let’s hope Cher goes for clear vocals, but nonetheless it’s good to hear Cher is back in the studio and is recording a dance oriented album.

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