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Ciara gets hard on ‘Basic Instinct (U Got Me)’

As Ciara puts the finishing touches to fourth album ‘Basic Instinct’, she’s tiding fans over with a buzz video for ‘Basic Instinct (U Got Me)‘.

The first half of the song is quite a departure from the slick dance-pop of her previous record ‘Fantasy Ride’, and apparently shows of a semi-gangsta Ciara picking a fight with Keri Hilson.  Perhaps a higher-profile beef would have made more of an impact?

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6 Responses to “Ciara gets hard on ‘Basic Instinct (U Got Me)’”

  1. LMAO.

    Love some cici but yeh……..she shouldve gone in on monica…since she is HOTT in the US right now. NO point in hating on bey as her fanbase are unhinged nuts.

  2. Ciara have no reason to go in on Monica or Beyonce this song has nothing to do with them. Keri Hiltons dissed Ciara and Beyonce on her song ‘ Turning Me On’ she started this mess first. Ciara was hurt by this cuz of the friendship she and Keri shall. Ciara is a sweetheart she never bad mouth nobody she letting off stream so much hate on her for no reason.

  3. Ciaras brand-new single Ride is so great! Im her top fan and dem haters best WATCH OUT cause Ci-ci is going to smash dem charts with Ride.

  4. king aka look it up Reply 15. Jun, 2010 at 5:34 pm

    this song has nothin to do wit Keri or Monica or Beyonce. its just her gettin stuff off her chest (aka hater beef) and if keri monica or beyonce r not haters then it shouldnt have a prob wit the intro of her album(you got me). :)

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