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Download: Avril Lavigne gives away new single ‘What The Hell’

avril 520x520 Download: Avril Lavigne gives away new single What The Hell

Perhaps it’s time to review our opinion of Avril Lavigne.

Lavigne’s stroppy persona has irritated us greatly in the past, but she does produce the occasional great single – and these days our eyeliner-ed brat quota is capably filled by the ‘delightful’ Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless/Gossip Girl.

Avril’s new single ‘What The Hell’ is an enjoyable new year treat, and was given away for free via Facebook yesterday – though as far as we can tell it’s still up for grabs. To download, just click on the ‘BandPage’ tab here.

If you miss the giveaway, fret not as the Kelly Clarkson-esque ‘What The Hell‘ will also be available to download from January 16th (UK).

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