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Destiny's Child - general discussion

Discussion in 'Popstar discussions' started by silvan, 9 Jul 2012.


Are you looking forward to these new Destiny's Child albums?

yes 2 vote(s) 66.7%
no 1 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. silvan Administrator

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    I used to be a big Destiny's Child fan, but the news that Sony will be readying two catalogue releases of their old material with unreleased tracks fills me with dread. Obviously, the material was deemed not good enough back in the days, so why release outdated music now?
  2. James New Member

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    Kelendria and Tenitra must be jumping for joy at the possibility of having an actual hit in the U.S. (Motivation not withstanding). I always felt bad for those two being compared unfavourably with Beyoncé but the comparisons are dead on. I hope the new material is going to be actual new songs. Can you imagine an End Of Time-style track from Destiny's Child? I would fall into a gay coma and never wake up. They might as well treat it as a new Beyoncé album and get the other two in to do the odd bridge here and there. Count me in.

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