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Please Help Identify Music Video

Discussion in 'TV & Movies' started by Bryan, 27 Jun 2012.

  1. Bryan New Member

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    Elizabeth, New Jersey

    This sounds like a pop song. It may have been out in the 90's also, as someone said they recall seeing this video at the latest 2000. It was recorded off of the show called "Smash Hits You Control" from the Channel "The Box". The following were some interpretations of what they saw/heard.

    1. Here is some vital info:
    1, I agree that this must have been recorded in 2003 and not 2002
    2, The "Schools Out" at the bottom of the scree is NOT connected to the song, it was the name of a program on a different channel
    3, The singer does seem to say things like "Schools out" and i'm sure i picked out "Dressed in black waving hello" or "Dressed in black with a halo" but inputting those lyrics online gets NOTHING
    4, The singer is also NOT the "Appleton" that is displayed top-right, i have checked.

    And yes, this is the FULL clip, as it was recorded. Thank you.

    2. The lyrics I hear are

    "going/staying out tonite"...
    "it's a saturday night"...
    "my baby love"

    3. Some of the lyrics *sound* to me like (but uncertain):

    I know that it's
    ooh baby
    stay out tonight, it's a Saturday night
    there's a full moon out and
    you remain enough (?) 'til the day (?) I/out tonight
    I'm sittin' back with a halo
    I'm soon to see/seek but I will let things go
    impossibi--lity (?)

    For me in the refrains first line she says something about "out tonight", then "it's a Saturday Night and I'm so ex-ci-ted". Then the next line begins with "School is out" and ends with "out tonight", perhaps "will you bring me out tonight" Then after the refrain is sung twice the last word is held, and then it sounds like the word forever is said and held with the singer singing "woahhhhhhohwoah" etc. Also as it's shown she is walking on railroad tracks and is getting ready to board a train that is approaching.
    Last edited by Bryan, 29 Jun 2012
  2. H.T. Member

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    sorry, can't help

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