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  1. Silvan
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    Master of the Universe

    With a title like that, you might think I'm Italian. I'm actually Dutch, but 'Hoi jongens' just doesn't quite sound as good, right?

    Foreign language lessons aside, Let me properly introduce myself as the other editor behind WAPS (Geraint's the other). I'm a big fan of (electro) pop and R&B (if done properly); here's what I have on repeat at the moment:

    - Madonna: Celebration
    - Cardigans: Give Me Your Eyes
    - Esmee Denters: Get Me Outta Here
    - La Roux: Cover My Eyes
    - Ciara: Pucker Up
    - Dolly Rockers: How Did I End Up With U
    - Little Boots: Remedy
    - Nelly Furtado: Manos Al Aire
    - Shakira: She-Wolf
    - Jazmine Sullivan: Big Dream

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