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    Okay, here's the concise guide on how to post.

    If this doesn't answer your question, simply reply with your questions.

    Find Your Topic
    When you log in to the forum, you will see the Latest Discussions in the top section and the Forums underneath that.

    'Latest Discussions' pulls the most recent active discussions/posts and displays them at the top. It's just a handy way to get a quick overview of what's going on.

    Making a Post
    There are two ways to post: create a new topic, or reply in an existing thread.

    To reply in an existing thread, as you're reading a thread, simply scroll down to the bottom and you'll see the Reply field (make sure you're logged in).

    Enter your reply, adding any formatting you want using the buttons above the text entry field, click 'Submit Post', and you're done.

    To start a new thread, either navigate to the forum where you want to create your new topic or simply hit the button 'create a new post'.

    You will see the list of current topics, and below that the 'New Topic In This Forum' area. Enter the topic title and enter your message in the big text box. To make sure other users can find your topic, add a few tags that sum up your message (i.e. if it's about Madonna's new tour go for 'Madonna, tour'. Once you've done that hit the 'Submit Post' button, and your new topic will be created.

    About those buttons
    There are buttons in the gray area just above the text area where you will enter your post.

    These are formatting buttons to make text bold or italic, add links, insert images and so on.

    To make text bold or italic, or add a link, highlight the text you want to change and click the appropriate button.

    You can also create ordered and unordered lists with the OL and UL buttons.

    Adding Images
    As far as images, you can't upload an image to our server. However you can link to an image elsewhere on the web. To do so, click the "IMG" button and enter the URL where your image is located (you might want to use Photo Bucket. When you use a photo, make sure the picture isn't too big (max. 370 pixels wide).

    Adding videos
    YouTube videos are automatically embedded into your post. You only have to paste the full URL of the YouTube video into the post and you're done (it will appear once you've hit 'submit').

    In Summary
    That about covers it. As always, if you're having trouble, just post your question and we'll be happy to give you a hand.

    Have fun!

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