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Jennifer Lopez: new album / greatest hits collection

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  1. Silvan
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    Master of the Universe

    Another Jennifer Lopez demo made it to the internets today. The Darkchild produced track 'What Is Love' sounds like it's picking up from where Brandy's album 'Human' left it. It's a slick up-tempo song where we hear Jennifer questioning love and casually slip in the fact she's been alone for the past 3 years on Valentines days and Christmas was no exception. Surely she can't be singing about her husband Marc Anthony? Either way, we like the song, whether you like Jennifer Lopez, that's something different all together.

    Are you looking forward to Jennifer Lopez return to the album charts?

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  2. Anonymous
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    It looks like Wynter Gordon, who wrote the song, isn't happy about the leak:

    What is love
    ok ..so we all know im a writer . over the past 2.5 years of me being signed to atlantic records ive grown as a woman and a person . Ive written so many records about personal issues in my life one of them was about me not knowing what love is ...I felt like so many woman have that same story .No fathers, families, abusive boyfriends and husbands..no parental support , they feel alone .. Ive had my few relationships and have yet to feel love .I wrote this song from a deep place in my heart .

    If the world was gonna hear it . I wanted them to hear it right . you dont serve dinner without a plate . If the world wasnt gonna hear my version .I thought maybe Jennifer would get the message heard . she a woman who has been through alot ..and if i thought for one second her label wouldnt have done justice to her and the record , it would have remained unheard...

    Its as good as gone to me now ..The story was given a lifetime tv special instead of a movie .. sad


    apparently a blogger took this as a dis towards J-Lo. It's not. I respect and admire J-Lo and I was honored for her to cut my song. The "lifetime tv special" comment was directed at the leak. The song was not properly serviced. It's not mixed, mastered, or finished but it's out for public consumption and opinion. That's why I'm angry. {source}

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