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Mariah Carey Memoirs

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  1. alana99
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    OK so I got the latest Mariah Carey album, "Memoirs of an imperfect angel" and I must say it is pretty good. It puts a twist on Mariah's older material. I wanna know what others think. I want to know does this album have potential? I will always be a Mariah Carey fan. I even entered a contest to win an autographed poster with her and I won u can to at http://www.facebook.com/iheartradio. So what do u think?

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  2. Silvan
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    Master of the Universe

    i'm afraid this album is dead in the water... it's such a limp follow up to her disastrous E=MC2. The songs on the album might be okay, but it's nothing new. It's just a lazy attempt to stay on top of the chart and it won't succeed. At least not in the UK or rest of the Europe.

    She left out any uptempo songs in favour of boring ballads. That ain't going to set the charts on fire this side of the pond...

    Posted 1 day ago #

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