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Spinnerette: new album

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  1. silvan

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    Master of the Universe

    If, like us, you are feeling slightly fatigued by the sound of synthesizers, autotune and people shouting ‘RedOOOOONE’ over the top of pop songs, why not have a listen to Spinnerette’s new single ‘Baptized By Fire’? (We wrote about their truly excellent ‘Ghetto Love‘ a while ago.)

    Spinnerette is the brainchild of former Distillers singer/guitarist Brody Dalle, and what we loved about The Distillers was how they combined raw vocals, energy and anger with stunning ‘where did THEY come from?’ pop hooks.

    Well, most of those things remain in Spinnerette, only now Dalle has streamlined her punk-rock roots and gone all groovy and sex-ay on our asses. Most importantly, she’s maintained her ability to pull a catchy-as-fuck chorus out of the bag. Hooray!

    Spinnerette’snew single ‘Baptized By Fire‘ is well worth investigating.

    More on Spinnerette on the website.

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    A video for Baptized By Fire is coming soon:

    Tony and i are doing promo , paris , amsterdam , berlin , cologne and london , making video for Baptized by fire in england ! {Twitter}

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    Check out the baptized video here..

    Get the Video Widget

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