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  1. Silvan
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    Master of the Universe

    Sweden has long been one the world’s pop powerhouses, giving us acts like Abba, Ace of Base and Roxette. So it was a logical place to launch the first in our series of Global Pop Music articles. Let’s have a look at Darin, shall we?

    Darin Zanyar, who simply goes by his first name, was runner-up in Sweden’s version of Idol in 2004. He became the nation’s favourite teen heartthrob, and went on to top the charts with his catchy electro pop – turning him into one of the country’s best selling singers. His last album ‘Flashback’ featured productions by RedOne (Lady GaGa) and Johan Bobäck (Cyndi Lauper). He’s expected to release his fourth album early next year, but check out his new single ‘Viva La Vida’, a cover of Coldplay’s recent smash.

    Other current Swedish artists to check out:

    * Agnes: winner of 2005 Sweden’s version of Idol and serves up potent mix of euro dance.
    * Robyn: started off as teen pop sensation (Show Me Love and Do You Know) and went on to release electropop classic ‘Robyn’ featuring the hit ‘With Every Heartbeat’.
    * September: a Swedish dance singer with hits like ‘Cry For You’ and ‘Can’t Get Over’.
    * RedOne: one of the hottest producers at the moment (Poker Face by Lady GaGa), fuses pop with r&b.
    * Kleerup: chilled electropop producer who teamed up with Robyn on ‘With Every Heartbeat’ and produced ‘Lay Me Down’ for Cyndi Lauper.

    Did we miss out on anyone up and coming? Let us know!

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  2. PrincessPop
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    Darin is releasing his first in in the UK next month: Breathing Your Love with Kat De Luna.

    It's redone.

    I believe in the power of pop
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