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X Factor 2009

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  1. Geraint
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    The final 12 are confirmed and there were quite a few surprises. Very surprised Ethan didn't go through - maybe they thought an American wouldn't get enough votes? Disappointed Treyc was booted off - she was clearly one of the best. Nicole is more likeable than Jamie, but then again Simon's final 3 (Olly / Jamie / Danyl) are vile.

    Shame Cheryl sent Duane home. Lloyd didn't deserve to go through over him.

    As for Louis and the twins - knew it would happen but it's still shocking.

    Hopefully Danyl or twins out in week 1...
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  2. Silvan
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    Master of the Universe

    oh Danyl out already!

    Shame Duane left the competition, as all the other boys are all a bit samey. Duane would have added something to the competition. Oh well, it was probably Will Young who told Cheryl to send him home.

    Also, rather have Treyc than Olly. For some reason Olly remind me of what a butcher would look like. Not that I've been to one in ages...

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