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Free download: Lucy Love ‘Who You Are (OK Formula Remix)’

lucyloveweb Free download: Lucy Love Who You Are (OK Formula Remix)

August 8th will see Denmark’s riotous Lucy Love unleashing her ‘Thunder’ single on unsuspecting UK audiences.

The MC, who has already made quite the name for herself back home, has rather an exotic background. Born in Zambia to an English mother, Lucy Siame was then raised in Denmark but often spent time in glamorous Croydon, hence the Lahndan twang you might be able to detect in her vocals.

Now, we know you like a freebie – so here’s a free dowload of ace her track ‘Who You Are (OK Formula Remix)’. Rather intriguing, non?

Ps.’Thunder’ is taken from the album ‘Kilo’, which is coming out Love’s own Superbillion label.

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