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Friday Fun: Music videos with cats in them!


You’ve probably seen the rather wonderful dog shaming and cat shaming tumblrs currently viralling all over the place, and the latter inspired us to select our favourite music videos containing cats. (We also need to get round to shaming our own kitties, but they’re just too cute.)

Anyway – if you’re a cat lover and you’ve never seen these, prepare to SQUEE at the cuteness:

Holy Fuck ‘Red Lights’

Fatboy Slim ‘The Joker’

Bjork ‘Triumph Of A Heart’

Stephen Malkmus ‘JoJo’s Jacket’ (cats appear @ 2.40 mark)

The Cure ‘Love Cats’ (some of them are stuffed though *SADFACE*)

MEG ‘Precious’ (amazing video – but the dancing cats from 2.30 onwards will slay you)

Best Coast ‘Crazy For You’ (this is just adorable)

Devo ‘Cat Listening Party’

Hecuba ‘La Musica’ http://youtu.be/5VdukoPHRww

Weezer ‘Island In The Sun’ (lots of different animals including cats and FWUFFY ICKLE CUBS)

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