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Take That bring their ‘Circus’ to ITV
Sunday, 07 December 2008
Take That - The Circus

Last week saw Britney’s ‘Circus’ arriving at various locations across the world, and tonight was Take That’s turn to showcase their similarly-titled new album ‘The Circus’. Their ITV special was more engaging and ever so British; i.e. a little cringey at times, but all the more entertaining.

Kicking off with latest single ‘Greatest Day’, they kept the momentum by following up with recent hits ‘Shine’, ‘Patience’ and ‘Rule The World’, as well as the old-school smashes ‘Never Forget’ and ‘Back For Good’.

Other highlights of the night included a pop quiz hosted by X-Factor parody Britain's Got The Pop Factor ‘winner’ Geraldine McQueen.

Overall it was a typically entertaining offering from the boys - though for a show intended to promote their new album, it played it very safe: they only performed three new songs, including their current single ‘Greatest Day’.

What did you think of ‘Take That Come to Town’?
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Tags: Britney SpearsTake That

The WAPS Alternative Christmas Playlist
Sunday, 07 December 2008
Worst Ever Christmas Songs
Yes we all know about Mariah Carey / The Pogues / Wham / Girls Aloud / Slade, so we thought we’d round up the real Christmas, er, ‘classics’.

Be warned, some of these may put you off Christmas for life.

Cascada – Last Christmas
Sadly, it does not go as mental as you would hope.

Los Del Rio - Macarena Christmas
There are simply no words to describe this.

Kate Bush – December Will be Magic Again
Kate's quirkiness almost seems normal in a Christmas setting.

Cheeky Girls - Boys and Girls (Christmas Time Love)
Only Cheeky Girls could turn ‘Summertime Love’ into a Christmas tune. What must Sabrina think?

Destiny’s Child – 8 Days of Christmas
We wonder what Sasha Fierce does at Christmas? Probably kicks reindeers and shags Santa.

Chris Brown – This Christmas
We’d rather Rihanna did one called ‘Please Don’t Stop The Christmas’. How good would that be? Very good, is the answer.

Crazy Frog – Last Christmas
We can only apologise for inflicting this on you. Come back Cascada, all is forgiven

Christina Aguilera – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
More ludicrous vocal gymnastics from slaggy Aggy, this time with added sleighbells!

Ch!pz – Christmas Time Is Here
Not a bad attempt at the whole ‘Christmas’ thing, all told. Well done, Ch!pz.

Darlene Love - All Alone on Christmas
Taken from the Home Alone 2 soundtrack. Which makes it doubley Christmassy.

Run DMC – Christmas In Hollis
Features a small dog wearing reindeer antlers. What more do you need?

Hotpantz – Give You One For Christmas
Unutterably bad, but gets included purely for the title.

Billie – Last Christmas
Has anybody NOT covered this song?

Basshunter – Jingle Bells
Good lord, can someone just put us out of our misery now?

Fast Food Rockers – I Love Christmas

Ozzy Osbourne and Jessica Simpson – Winter Wonderland
This is included for sheer ‘What the fuck?’-ness.

S Club 7 – Perfect Christmas
For the outfits.

New Kids On The Block – Funky, Funky Christmas
We are seriously losing the will to live.

Vonda Shepherd – This Christmas
Ally McBeal went really shit towards the end, didn’t it?

Spice Girls – Christmas Wrapping
Remember their Christmas Tesco adverts last year? They soooo hate each other.

Saint Etienne – I Was Born On Christmas Day
In a departure from the rest of the list, we’ve included one that’s Actually Good.

Let us know if we left any 'classics' out!
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X-Factor semi finals: a round up
Sunday, 07 December 2008
In case you didn’t Sky+ the performances, here’s an overview of X-Factor ’s semi finals (show 9).

Alexandra Burke
Don’t Stop The Music; great choice, she shows she can dance and sing.

Un-break My Heart; Alexandra is such a professional. She works it. Well, maybe not that jump suit.

Diana Vickers
White Flag; Diana proves she still can’t hold a note. Even on a simple Dido song. No offence, but she’s not a great singer, nor a great entertainer.

Girlfriend; odd song choice. Both you and I know we would knock her out if she laid her eyes on your boyfriend.

Umbrella; quite slick and non-descript, but Aston’s back flip gives it the needed wow-factor.

I’m Already There; epic ballad, but it sounds too much like Boys II Men meets Westlife. Not something we want.

Eoghan Quigg
Year 3000; Quite likable! Finally a song that’s fun and young.

Does Your Mother Know?  Eoghan comes out as an ABBA fan. Shocker! Shame he has to pick one of their naffest songs (Simon, Dannii was right!).

So overall, Alexandra was amazing, the boys were okay and Diana - who should have left the show weeks ago - finally made her exit.

Who will you be voting for next week?
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Lily Allen - The Fear (video premiere)
Thursday, 04 December 2008
Here's the official video for Lily Allen's new single 'The Fear', taken from the forthcoming album It's Not Me, It's You'.

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Tags: Lily Allen

Madonna for Louis Vuitton: first shots
Thursday, 04 December 2008
The first in a series of print ads featuring campaign spokes model Madonna for Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer 2009 campaign have been revealed on Thursday.

Madonna for Louis Vuitton (shots)

Madonna for Louis Vuittons (shots)

Madge is probably the only one that can afford Louis in these credit crunch times, but what do you think of these shots?
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Tags: IndustryMadonna

2009 Grammy Nominations Revealed
Thursday, 04 December 2008
2009 Grammy Award nominees

The longest award show in the history of award shows has revealed its nominees for the 2009 Grammy Awards.

To give you a brief summary (seriously - there's about 100 awards), some interesting ones to note are:
    * Eight nominations for Lil' Wayne
    * Seven for Coldplay
    * Six for Jay Z, Ne-Yo and Kanye West
    * Four for Adele
    * Three for Leona Lewis
    * Three for Rihanna
    * Onefor Kylie Minogue
    * Only one for Katy Perry
    * And most excitingly, nods for Pink, Robyn, Lady Gaga and M.I.A. Go Gaga!

Good luck to all! Read the full list here (you might want to make a cup of tea before you try and get through them all.)
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Tags: Grammy AwardsKanye WestLady GagaLeona LewisPinkRihanna

Britney Spears: Circus (full video premiere)
Wednesday, 03 December 2008
OMG, it’s the new Britney video for Circus! We’ve already been given a sneak peak last week, and more was shown during Britney’s documentary ‘For The Record’, but this video is everything that comes to mind of the word ‘Circus’. Brit’s using her whip on the lions, while being surrounded by fire-eaters and elephants.  
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Tags: Britney Spears

Girls Aloud: The Loving Kind (video premiere)
Wednesday, 03 December 2008
Check out the brand new video for ‘The Loving Kind’, the second single to be lifted from Girls Aloud ’s ‘Out Of Control’ album. The track was written in collaboration with Pet Shop Boys and Xenomania, with many fans christening it the unofficial follow up to ‘Call The Shots’: melancholy dancefloor bliss.

‘The Loving Kind’ is Girl Aloud’s 20th single and will be released on January 12th, 2009.
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Ho ho ho - it's Lady Gaga with Christmas Tree
Wednesday, 03 December 2008
Lady Gaga does Christmas

Lady Gaga is ready to deck the halls this season! Her new track, 'Christmas Tree' featuring Space Cowboy, is sure to become a modern holiday classic for years to come! Check it out!

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Tags: ChristmasLady Gaga

Britney gives stellar performance of ‘Circus’ on Good Morning America
Tuesday, 02 December 2008
Britney Spears presents Circus

Britney Spears
marked her 27th birthday today with a stunning 2-song performance on Good Morning America.

The singer performed a new routine to next single 'Circus', and followed it with the same version of 'Womanizer' which she took to Germany, France and London last week.

During the live show, host Diane Sawyer remarked that there was 'a gazillion people' inside the big-top, including Britney's mother Lynne and two sons Jayden and Preston.

During the broadcast, birthday messages from Reese Witherspoon, John Travolta, Hugh Jackman, Taylor Swift and the cast of Desperate Housewives were played to a stunned Britney. She was also presented with a multi-tiered birthday cake which Sawyer claimed took 60 hours to make.

Spears capped the morning by personally announcing her 2009 North American tour – check the dates out on WAPS.

Happy birthday Britney!
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Tags: Britney Spears

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