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Listen to the biggest pop smashes of the past year condensed into 5 minutes of brain-melting madness. This track flips from amazing to ridiculous to awful and then back to amazing again all within the space of 10 seconds!

The video editing is equally impressive/manic. Enjoy the ride…

Mp3 is downloadable at

Ne-Yo: Closer
Estelle & Kanye West: American Boy
Rihanna: Disturbia
Madonna, Justin Timberlake, & Timbaland: 4 Minutes
Britney Spears: Gimme More
Lupe Fiasco & Matthew Santos: Superstar
Kardinal Offishal & Akon : Dangerous
Pussycat Dolls: When I Grow Up
Danity Kane: Damaged
Leona Lewis: Bleeding Love
Flo Rida & T-Pain: Low
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Oh, it’s been a busy day in the world of pop. Leona’s found time to record two new songs for the re-release of her debut album ‘Spirit’ and a video for one of them has surfaced today: new single ‘Forgive Me’.  Presumably they’ve spruced up ‘Spirit’ in a bid to ensnare any remaining Americans who dare to doubt The Power of Leona.

‘Forgive Me’ is an upbeat, mid-90s sounding track – but it’s no ‘Bleeding Love’. The song was produced by Akon and ‘Misses Glass’ and will be released on October 27th.

Don’t you think the look she’s sporting in the video is similar to Jordan’s?

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The buzz around NKOTB’s comeback has been building for a while now. As is customary these days, one of their new tracks - a RedOne /Akon collaboration - has found its way on to the internet.

If you were hoping for some reflective, wise lyrics and sensible acoustic guitars (a la Take That), well - keep moving, people, nothing to see here.

These wrong-side-of -30 ‘kids’ have opted for bog-standard R&B with words about buying cocktails for girls. Imagine your dad having a mid-life crisis and recording it.

Here's New Kids On The Block's 'Put It On My Tab'

What do you think of their new material?
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While still being very much obsessed with Lady Gaga, we decided to have a look at the producer behind her ‘Just Dance’ single. Swedish/Moroccan Nadir Khayat  - for it is he - is one of those producers with the slightly annoying trait of getting stars to sing his name at the beginning of every song. Fortunately for them, he has adopted a simpler moniker: RedOne. Wonder if his mum calls him that?

RedOne has been a very busy man this year, producing Heidi Montag’s ‘Fashion’ and ‘One More Drink’; the aforementioned Gaga’s ‘Just Dance’ and ‘Love Games’; New Kids On the Block’s comeback album... he’s even been hired to work his magic on Michael Jackson’s next effort.

His style sways between europop and clubby hip hop. We like him best when he’s doing pop, as in Tami Chynn’s excellent ‘Frozen’. Listen out for the trademark ‘RedOne’ at the beginning.

»   Robyn: Handle Me (RedOne remix)
»   Lady Gaga: Just Dance
»   Tami Chynn: Frozen
»   Kat DeLuna: Calling You

Not so excellent

»   New Kids On The Block: Summertime (RedOne Remix)
»   Christina Aguilera: Candyman (RedOne Remix)
»   Kat DeLuna: Whine Up
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Finally some new Whitney material! Whitney Houston teams up with Akon on 'Like I Never Left'. It's a fine song, but somehow the backing  track reminds us of a polyphonic ringtone.

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Lady Gaga
Presenting Lady Gaga
…well in the States, at least. The stunning ‘Just Dance’ is now hitting radio across the pond, and is scheduled for an August release in the UK. It’s a belting electro masterpiece packed with vocoders and an unusually dark melody (even Akon can’t spoil it) - the super-stylish and fun video is also a must see

We hear a passing resemblance to Michelle Williams’ ‘We Break The Dawn’ and Wynter Gordon’s ‘Surveillance’ – WAPS is a big fan of this sleek electro/R & B/pop hybrid which seems to be taking over at the moment. Altogether now: ‘just DAY-UNCE! DAY-UNCE! DAY-UNCE! DAY-UNCE!’ etc.

»  Lady Gaga on MySpace
»  ‘Just Dance’ on YouTube
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New SinglesThe Kooks 'Always Where I Need To Be'
Undeniably catchy guitar pop with terrible vocals – yep, The Kooks are back!  The album will probably be inexplicably huge but we think they need a new sound (not to mention a new look – dirty vests, skinny jeans & trilbies are gross. Get some snazzy neon leggings boys, that’s what WAPS is wearing.)

Crystal Castles 'Courtship Dating'
Strange, glitchy electro re-release. Timbaland allegedly swiped a large chunk of it for ‘Ayo Technology’. Decide for yourself here. Fun fact - the band are named after She-Ra’s home.

Akon 'Can't Wait'
We can’t wait…for this to end! Badum-tish and so on.

Bow Wow ft. Omarion 'Hey Baby'
Rhymes ‘Brenda’ with ‘agenda’, but apart from that we wouldn’t advise wasting your time on it.

Bullet For My Valentine 'Hearts Burst Into Fire'
A faux-epic slice of metal cheese which sees the Welsh screamers edge closer to MOR territory. Crap title, as well.  

Claire from Steps
Newton Faulkner 'I Need Something'
Yes, you need a fucking haircut, you hippie. Dreadlocks on white people are inexcusable, and his are the longest in the world.  Have we learnt nothing from Faye Tozer?

Radiohead ‘Nude’
A delicate and slow moving ballad which is nice enough but doesn’t really go anywhere. There, I said it. They do look quite funny in the video though.


Overall verdict: a poor week for singles.  Crystal Castles is probably pick of the bunch but it’s too screechy to truly get involved with.

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