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Back one more time for a Christmas special, Top of the Pops ran us through the best singles of 2008 and sprinkled the whole with performances by X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke, Coldplay, McFly, Girls Aloud, Duffy, Pussycat Dolls, Leona Lewis and many more.  

Pussycat dolls: I Hate This Part

Alexandra Burke: Hallelujah

Girls Aloud – The Promise

Leona Lewis – Run
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Mighty winner of the X-Factor, Alexandra Burke, premiered her new video for ‘Hallelujah’ today.

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Saturday saw the big finale for 2008’s X-Factor. The three finalists, JLS, Eoghan Quigg and Alexandra Burke started the show off with Christmas songs.  

Eoghan picked ‘I Wish It Could Be Chrismas Every Day’, which was a bit off-key. JLS delivered a great version of Wham ‘Last Christmas’. Strong vocals and the spruced up version pulled this somewhat dated song right back into this decade.

The only one to perform a ballad was Alexandra Burke with ‘Silent Night’. We think she should have picked something more upbeat (‘All I want for Christmas’ by Mariah anyone?)

After the Christmas solos it was time to bring out the star power. Eoghan was joined on stage by fellow Irishmen Boyzone on ‘Picture of You’.

JLS teamed up with Westlife on ‘Flying Without Wings’. How many people are on that stage?

And Alexandra had the pleasure of performing the Dreamgirls track ‘Listen’ vocal powerhouse Beyonce. The sheer presence of Bee proved to be a bit too much for Alexandra. Adorable.

After all that star power, the acts had to finish the show on their own. Eoghan finished with ‘We're all in this Together’, JLS with ‘I’m Already There’ and Alexandra with ‘You Are So Beautiful’.

While everyone was voting, Beyonce gave yet another performance of ‘If I Were A Boy’.

Despite the Irish vote, first one out was Eoghan. Which left Alexandra and JLS to battle it out over their deliveries of the winner’s single ‘Halalujah’. The finalists both did a good job on this Leonard Cohen song, but it was Alexandra who really pulled out all the stops. And we’re glad the British public voted in her favour.

Congrats Alexandra!

»   Buy Alexandra Burke's single ‘Hallelujah’ on iTunes
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After playing on almost every TV show in the States, it’s now Europe’s turn to feel Sasha’s force. Last night, Beyonce performed on Star Academy, the French answer to American Idol / The X-Factor. She kicked off with ‘If I Were a Boy’ and finished with ‘Irreplaceable’, which she sang with finalist Alice.

Tonight Beyonce will bring some fierceness to The X-Factor finales and will also duet with Alexandra Burke.

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In case you didn’t Sky+ the performances, here’s an overview of X-Factor ’s semi finals (show 9).

Alexandra Burke
Don’t Stop The Music; great choice, she shows she can dance and sing.

Un-break My Heart; Alexandra is such a professional. She works it. Well, maybe not that jump suit.

Diana Vickers
White Flag; Diana proves she still can’t hold a note. Even on a simple Dido song. No offence, but she’s not a great singer, nor a great entertainer.

Girlfriend; odd song choice. Both you and I know we would knock her out if she laid her eyes on your boyfriend.

Umbrella; quite slick and non-descript, but Aston’s back flip gives it the needed wow-factor.

I’m Already There; epic ballad, but it sounds too much like Boys II Men meets Westlife. Not something we want.

Eoghan Quigg
Year 3000; Quite likable! Finally a song that’s fun and young.

Does Your Mother Know?  Eoghan comes out as an ABBA fan. Shocker! Shame he has to pick one of their naffest songs (Simon, Dannii was right!).

So overall, Alexandra was amazing, the boys were okay and Diana - who should have left the show weeks ago - finally made her exit.

Who will you be voting for next week?
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With Britney Spears performing on the X-Factor this evening, each of the contestants had to perform one of her hits. The popstar’s performance of ‘Womanizer’, was identical to her appearances at the Bambi Awards and Star Academy, so let’s hope she’ll do something new next week on the ‘Good Morning America Show’.  

And how did the X-Factor contestants get on with her old material? Well, Diana cooed her way through ‘I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman’ (why IS she still on the show?).

Alexandra gave an energetic performance of ‘Toxic’.

Ruth showed us she had balls with ‘I Love Rock And Roll’ (it’s a shame she left the show this week).

Eoghan did his best with ‘Sometimes’.

And JLS did quite badly with ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’.
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It was Take That week on the X-Factor this week, which meant the man-band kicked off the show with a performance of their new single ‘Greatest Day’. 

And our favourite Alexandra Burke gave a great rendition of their song ‘Relight My Fire’. We love her enthusiasm and lack of drama.

Take That’s new album ‘The Circus’ will be released December 1. The same day Britney releases her album ‘Circus’. And on that note, make sure you tune in next week, as Ms Spears will be performing on the show (November 29th)!
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After following the contestants on the X-Factor for a few weeks now, we’re officially loving Alexandra Burke. Tonight she performed ‘On The Radio’ by Donna Summer and was joined on stage by a troupe of oiled up hot men.

In case you missed her last week’s show, here’s her performance of Christina Aguilera’s Candy Man.
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