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The so-called princess of crunk is quickly starting to look like a damsel in distress. While the much delayed 3-disc concept album ‘Fantasy Ride’ sounded like an interesting idea, initial buzz track ‘Go Girl’ was anything but impressive and failed to make an impact on the charts. Ciara’s official new (lead) single ‘Never Ever’ adopts a different approach by embracing a radio-friendly sound.

The song samples Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes’ ‘If You Don’t Know Me By Now’ – yep, the same one Simply Red had a mega-hit with.
Whether ‘Never Ever’ can get Ciara back in Billboard’s good books remains to be seen. Unfortunately, the WAPS verdict is not good – to our ears this bland semi-ballad sounds like little more than a Brandy cast-off.

What do you make of Ciara's latest single?
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As Christmas draws closer, yet another greatest hits package has surfaced. Quick, call your mum, an Iglesias is on the loose…

Enrique Iglesias releases his first (English language) Greatest Hits on November 11th. How did you ever survive without it?

The album features an up-tempo duet with Ciara, called ‘Takin’ Back My Love’. It's surprisingly good. Listen here:
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The song’s a bit too heavy on the vocoder in our opinion (it’s starting to get as annoying as the word ‘credit crunch’), but Melina delivered a fine futuristic video for ‘Go Girl’, the first single from Ciara’s third album Fantasy Ride.
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It’s been a while since the ‘Fantasy Ride’ announcement back in May, so we thought it’d be time for a little update on Ciara. The album has been pushed back to December, with Ciara now going back to the studio to add the finishing touches (translation: the label ordered her to go back and record a hit). Here’s a clip of Ciara working on the Danja produced ‘Work’ - sounds perfect for one of her trademark dance routines.

There’s also a rumour floating around that Ciara has recorded a duet with Rihanna called ‘Tears Fall’.

And here are some of the songs that have leaked so far:


»   Echo: great beat.
»   Work : catchy and perfect for the dance floor
»   Keep Dancing ft. The Dream: this is a Tricky ‘Umbrella’ Stewart production. A nice mid tempo song


»   High Price: Bizarre and quite irritating. Ciara does a crazy opera voice
»   Supernatural: a slow jam. Dull
»   Go-Girl: Distinctly average first single.
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'Just Stand Up' is an American charity single in aid of cancer research.  It features approximately 90% of all the current American divas you can care to imagine, plus a couple of Brits for good measure (Natasha Bedingfield, Leona Lewis).

As part of a live telethon many of the women came together to perform the track yesterday – and rather nice it was too.  We can't criticise a cancer single!

WAPS will say, however, that when Beyonce appeared at the beginning (with her mad new hair), we thought it was Kelis for a moment. See the live performance of Just Stand Up here:
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Ciara’s ‘High Price’, taken from her forthcoming ‘Fantasy Ride’, has leaked all over the interweb. The song sees Ciara deliver some crazy opera-like vocals over a crunk beat. The fact the song is produced by Tricky Steward (the man behind Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’) can’t save this song from failure.

We were quite excited when we reported about her concept album back in May, but if this work is to set the tone, she might as well not bother. The good news however, is that this is no longer the lead single.

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Ciara's Fantasy Ride
Ciara to release Fantasy Ride
The first lady of crunk (whatever that means) will release her third album as three separate CDs, reports. “Rather than one standard CD, the music will be spread across three separately packaged discs, bundled together, each with five to six songs catering to a different theme.”

What do you make of this idea? Do you believe in the concept, or do you think ‘desperate times equal desperate measures’?

The discs, slated for a September release, are entitled ‘Groove City’, ‘Crunktown’ and ‘Kingdom of Dance’. The idea seems to be that Ciara has separated her 3 styles (slow jams / crunk / dance) into easily identifiable chunks.  On the surface, this seems like a fairly neat idea – the unusual format will get Ciara some free publicity, and the fans can pick and choose without having to splurge for a whole album (*WAPS runs a mile from ‘Crunktown’.*)

But in an age when physical sales seem to be dropping all the time, is it a good idea to flood the shelves with 3 different releases all at once? Do you believe in the strength of an album which has been divided in such a way – or do you think ‘Hmmm, they’re blatantly just chucking out three ropey EPs and pretending it’s a fancy new way of thinking’.  And let’s not forget the Ciara fans who will want to own all 3 – surely they are going to be the biggest losers here (unless a fair pricing policy is put into place, whereby the sum total of the three discs is less than or equal to the price of one standard CD album).  If they feel ripped off, many will see illegal downloading as a fair rebellion.

Ciara is still a big deal in America – so if this release is a hit, expect others to follow suit.

»  Billboard's report
»  Ciara on MySpace
»  Ciara's official website

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