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Remember that massive 2000 hit ‘Shackles (Praise You)’ by gospel duo Mary Mary? Well, they vanished into obscurity (gospel is hardly going to be mainstream, just ask Michelle Williams), but are now back to give it another shot. Praise the Lord, etc.
It’s nice to see them spread a positive message to a hip(ish) beat, but WAPS can’t see this song crossing-over to the pop charts the way ‘Shackles’ did.

Here they are anyway, Mary Mary with Get Up.

Mary Mary will release their 4th album ‘The Sound’ on October 14th.
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Dido will guide you through the Credit Crunch
Dido will guide you through the Credit Crunch

We almost forgot about Dido, but she’s still around. She’s about to release her new album, Safe Trip Home, on November 4th. The album was recorded in LA and London and is co-produced by Jon Brion (Fiona Apple, The Eels, Rufus Wainwright), Rollo Armstrong and Dido.

Cheerily titled first single ‘Don’t Believe in Love’ will be released mid-September. If you really can’t wait for that, she’s currently giving away a free album track (‘Look No Further’) when you sign up for updates. If this track is anything to go by, nothing much has changed. It’s all still doom and gloom.

Now that the economy is starting to slow down and everyone keeps telling us we’re doomed, she might have picked the perfect time for her comeback. Could this album be the soundtrack to the Credit Crunch? Or will the bazillions of people who bought her last two albums simply download it?

»   Download 'Look No Further' from Dido's website
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What in the name of fuckity fuck is this terrifying piece of amazingness?  Why, it’s the new Grace Jones video of course! Put a pillow on the floor because your jaw is about to hit it.

Corporate Cannibal is the first single taken from Grace Jones's forthcoming album 'Hurricane' released in October 2008.

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Texas front woman Sharleen Spiteri
Texas front woman Sharleen Spiteri
Sharleen Spiteri returns to a pure-pop, Motown-influenced sound on solo album ‘Melody’ (out July 21st 2008). The 4 new tracks on Facebook swing between ‘White On Blonde’-era Texas, but with some more introverted soul stylings. It almost sounds like she’s going for a slice of Duffy’s retro-pie (ooh-er), but in an elegant and surprisingly compelling way.

We’re quite liking this direction, and although it’s far from new – or perhaps because of this - her existing fans will love it. Whether she’s (willing and) able to get her hands on that pie, is another question.

»  Sharleen on Facebook
»  Sharleen Spiteri’s official website
»  Get a free download ‘That Was a Lie’ (only for PC users?!)

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Michelle Williams showing off her new shoes
Michelle Williams and her new heels
After witnessing Freemasons breathe life into Kelly Rowland’s ‘Work’ and Beyonce’s entire ‘B’day’ project Beyonce / Shakira’s ‘Beautiful Liar’, Michelle Williams has wisely decided to release a record that simply starts life as a pop/dance bonanza. No fannying about with watered down R&B for her.

We’ll just ignore the two gospel albums shall we? *tumbleweed*

Yes! Praise the Lord! On third set ‘Unexpected’ (appropriate title etc) Williams has put down the Bible and embraced the dance floor.  Out go the sandals and in come the pink stilettos. But enough about WAPS LOL.

Lead single ‘We Break the Dawn’ is produced by Wayne Wilkins (Natasha Bedingfield, Delta Goodrem, Leona Lewis plus –EEK! – Nicole Sherzinger and Mutya Buena) and Andrew Frampton (Steps, Kylie and a billion others.)

‘We Break the Dawn’ is a melancholy yet funky call to arms in which Michelle could be singing about the end of a big night out, or the end of a relationship.  It bobs along on simple but effective synth lines and Michelle's restrained vocal. She could teach Kelly and Beyonce Castle a thing or two about quality tunes.

Just to be on the safe side they’ve given it a big old dance remix as well, so as not to frighten any passing homosexuals. But enough about WAPS LOL.

Also on Michelle's MySpace is a snippet of the StarGate produced 'Stop This Car'.

Listen to both tracks on Michelle’s MySpace page .

‘Unexpected’ is scheduled for August 12 2008 (US date).

» Michelle Williams on MySpace
» Michelle’s official website

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Donna Summer - I am a Fire
No, this is not a Mac advert
2008 is looking to be a busy year for elderly pop maidens. Madge is hawking her gusset out once again, Cher is making a fortune in Vegas and after seventeen YEARS Donna Summer is finally bringing out an album of new material!  WAPS is having a hot flush just thinking about it.

Anyway, if you toodle over to certain online download stores you can pick up the club mixes of new track ‘I’m A Fire’, but we suggest saving your pennies for actual comeback single ‘Stamp Your Feet’, due April. Its dramatic verses contrast in gay-pleasing fashion with the super-uplifting chorus, laid over a beat which is danceable yet Radio 2 friendly. The album ‘Crayons’ follows on May 20th.

‘Crayons’ is a bit of an odd title isn’t it? There’s something a bit ‘special’ about it. You know what I mean. Like she can’t be trusted with real pens or something.

» Donna Sumer on MySpace (we think)


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Danny Wood
Imagine that face bearing down on you in a moment of passion ladies! Phwoar, eh?
Danny Wood (the world’s most handsome man) shattered the dreams of literally tens of women in their early thirties this week when he announced that the NKOTB reunion rumour was just that – a rumour.  He did say, however, that he’d have some solo material out soon. In, um, Australia. (What the hell did the Aussies ever do to deserve that?) Anyway that was probably a fiendishly clever ploy or something because the NKOTB website is up and running with – oh God – new material.  They will surely take over the world just like when 5ive went Nu Metal last year and then split up instantly when they realised absolutely no one gave a flying fuck.


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