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Worst Ever Christmas Songs
Yes we all know about Mariah Carey / The Pogues / Wham / Girls Aloud / Slade, so we thought we’d round up the real Christmas, er, ‘classics’.

Be warned, some of these may put you off Christmas for life.

Cascada – Last Christmas
Sadly, it does not go as mental as you would hope.

Los Del Rio - Macarena Christmas
There are simply no words to describe this.

Kate Bush – December Will be Magic Again
Kate's quirkiness almost seems normal in a Christmas setting.

Cheeky Girls - Boys and Girls (Christmas Time Love)
Only Cheeky Girls could turn ‘Summertime Love’ into a Christmas tune. What must Sabrina think?

Destiny’s Child – 8 Days of Christmas
We wonder what Sasha Fierce does at Christmas? Probably kicks reindeers and shags Santa.

Chris Brown – This Christmas
We’d rather Rihanna did one called ‘Please Don’t Stop The Christmas’. How good would that be? Very good, is the answer.

Crazy Frog – Last Christmas
We can only apologise for inflicting this on you. Come back Cascada, all is forgiven

Christina Aguilera – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
More ludicrous vocal gymnastics from slaggy Aggy, this time with added sleighbells!

Ch!pz – Christmas Time Is Here
Not a bad attempt at the whole ‘Christmas’ thing, all told. Well done, Ch!pz.

Darlene Love - All Alone on Christmas
Taken from the Home Alone 2 soundtrack. Which makes it doubley Christmassy.

Run DMC – Christmas In Hollis
Features a small dog wearing reindeer antlers. What more do you need?

Hotpantz – Give You One For Christmas
Unutterably bad, but gets included purely for the title.

Billie – Last Christmas
Has anybody NOT covered this song?

Basshunter – Jingle Bells
Good lord, can someone just put us out of our misery now?

Fast Food Rockers – I Love Christmas

Ozzy Osbourne and Jessica Simpson – Winter Wonderland
This is included for sheer ‘What the fuck?’-ness.

S Club 7 – Perfect Christmas
For the outfits.

New Kids On The Block – Funky, Funky Christmas
We are seriously losing the will to live.

Vonda Shepherd – This Christmas
Ally McBeal went really shit towards the end, didn’t it?

Spice Girls – Christmas Wrapping
Remember their Christmas Tesco adverts last year? They soooo hate each other.

Saint Etienne – I Was Born On Christmas Day
In a departure from the rest of the list, we’ve included one that’s Actually Good.

Let us know if we left any 'classics' out!
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Beyonce will unleash her crocs

will release her third solo album on November 18th (US). Two tracks from the as yet album - ‘If I Were A Boy’ and ‘Single Ladies’ - will be sent to radio on October 7th.

We are not sure who she’s kidding, but if she keeps screwing over her ex-band members, she can forget about that rumoured Destiny’s Child reunion. October 7th, is the same day Michelle Williams’ much pushed-back (and entirely leaked) album ‘Unexpected’ is set to be released. Nice move! Show them who the Queen B is.
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Generically American (but really Irish) chancers The Script decided they wanted to have a slice of the Maroon5 ft. Rihanna pie.  Did the headline give it away?

Rihanna was busy, so instead they teamed up with Kelly ‘Desperate’ Rowland on a cringe-worthy performance of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Part time Lover’, for Channel4’s Transmission.

It is more heinous than you can possibly conceive.

For fucks sake Kelly, you were in Destiny’s Child. Have some dignity woman!
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Look at Feist having fun with the guys at Sesame Street! Feist is one of the many celebrity guests to appear on the show.

Tell us your favourite celeb appearance on Sesame Street. Here are a few to check out:
»   James Blunt sings ‘My Triangle’
»   Destiny’s Child sing ‘A New Way To Walk’
»   REM sing ‘Furry Happy Monsters'
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Let's have a look at the lovely video for the lovely song by what's-her-face from Destiny's Child.

Hallelujah! We do love her...

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Solange Knowles I Decided
Do y'all think yellow is hot?
If Beyonce decided to record a new track inspired by her 2006 movie ‘Dreamgirls’, it would probably sound a bit like her little sister’s new offering ‘I Decided’. 

The song has an undeniable Motown vibe, courtesy of a classic Martha Reeves and the Vandellas sample (‘(Love is Like a) Heat Wave’), and was penned by Thomas ‘Cee-Lo’ Callaway, with production coming from the ubiquitous Pharrell Williams.

‘I Decided’ is the first single from Solange’s sophomore album ‘Sol-Angel and the Hadley Street Dreams’ (yep, homegirl released ‘Solo Star’ back in 2002, which didn’t do anything) is a decent enough summer tune, but does not have ‘immediate smash’ written all over it.  Matthew Knowles ain’t letting nobody steal Beyonce’s spotlight!

Staying true to form, this song has of course been spruced up by the Freemasons. The video, shot in LA earlier this week, travels through time showcasing different eras. WAPS wonders in which era she picked up the idea to wear crazy drag queen-esque make up…seriously, did Beyonce tell her that looking like a clown is the way forward? You’ll see what we mean on her MySpace page.

The strangely titled 'Sol-Angel & The Hadley Street Dreams' is out August 26th via Geffen Records.

»   Listen to Solange’s new single on MySpace
»   Catch CNN’s glimpse behind the scenes at the 'I Decided' video shoot. CNN?!
»   Get yourself some yellow eye shadow at Mac Undecided

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Michelle Williams showing off her new shoes
Michelle Williams and her new heels
After witnessing Freemasons breathe life into Kelly Rowland’s ‘Work’ and Beyonce’s entire ‘B’day’ project Beyonce / Shakira’s ‘Beautiful Liar’, Michelle Williams has wisely decided to release a record that simply starts life as a pop/dance bonanza. No fannying about with watered down R&B for her.

We’ll just ignore the two gospel albums shall we? *tumbleweed*

Yes! Praise the Lord! On third set ‘Unexpected’ (appropriate title etc) Williams has put down the Bible and embraced the dance floor.  Out go the sandals and in come the pink stilettos. But enough about WAPS LOL.

Lead single ‘We Break the Dawn’ is produced by Wayne Wilkins (Natasha Bedingfield, Delta Goodrem, Leona Lewis plus –EEK! – Nicole Sherzinger and Mutya Buena) and Andrew Frampton (Steps, Kylie and a billion others.)

‘We Break the Dawn’ is a melancholy yet funky call to arms in which Michelle could be singing about the end of a big night out, or the end of a relationship.  It bobs along on simple but effective synth lines and Michelle's restrained vocal. She could teach Kelly and Beyonce Castle a thing or two about quality tunes.

Just to be on the safe side they’ve given it a big old dance remix as well, so as not to frighten any passing homosexuals. But enough about WAPS LOL.

Also on Michelle's MySpace is a snippet of the StarGate produced 'Stop This Car'.

Listen to both tracks on Michelle’s MySpace page .

‘Unexpected’ is scheduled for August 12 2008 (US date).

» Michelle Williams on MySpace
» Michelle’s official website

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