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After following the contestants on the X-Factor for a few weeks now, we’re officially loving Alexandra Burke. Tonight she performed ‘On The Radio’ by Donna Summer and was joined on stage by a troupe of oiled up hot men.

In case you missed her last week’s show, here’s her performance of Christina Aguilera’s Candy Man.
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Donna Summer's comeback: Crayons
Donna Summer's comeback: Crayons
So, the facts: 17 years since the last studio album. Not quite sure what was going on for the first fourteen years, but apparently ‘Crayons’ only came together in the last three. However before we go into our in depth, track-by-track deconstruction, we should point out that although the album has been under construction for ages, it seems that a magic studio pixie came in at the end and made it sound a bit like everything else out at the moment. This is probably for the best.

1. Stamp Your Feet
Summer is in fine voice on her big comeback single (which we’ve already discussed). It includes some spell-y bits, the kind Fergie is so fond of. ‘S-T-A-M-P’ is much easier to spell than ‘G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S’ though.

2. Mr Music
This is a bit of a rave-up and opens with one of the following lines - either ‘I got my iPod’ or ‘Hook up my iPod’. Oh dear.

3. Crayons ft. Ziggy Marley
This is exactly like Rihanna’s ‘Pon-De-Replay’. EXACTLY like it. Sadly reggaeton is a long-forgotten musical force in today’s hit parade. It’s all about The Ting Tings now Frown

4. The Queen Is Back
Fo’ real, bitches - she’s gone a bit gansta. But the line ‘now you KNOW your queen is back’ is completely, brilliantly gay so she’s partially forgiven.

5. Fame (The Game)
There seem to be lots of songs about fame these days. Summer hasn’t missed a trick here – the chorus is reminiscent of Bon Jovi’s ‘Faith’, but to be honest the verses are a fairly poor attempt at copying Britney’s ‘Piece Of Me’, lyrically at least. Does she really say ‘boob job, lube job’?! *gasp*

6. Sand On My Feet
Summer puts the vocoder down and picks up an acoustic guitar. Nice.

7. Drivin’ Down Brazil
WAPS doesn’t really know what’s going on here but she goes totally bossanova on this track. It’s v. summery. Would sound great sitting by a poolside as a waiter brings you a Pina Colada while giving you a cheeky wank wink.

8. I’m A Fire
This apparently got to #1 on the American Club Chart, whatever that means. You probably got to #1 on the American Club Chart last week and nobody told you.

9. Slide Over Backwards
Berserk country-tinged number in which Summer puts on a ‘Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel’ accent. Seriously. It’s just weird.

10. Science Of Love

This is v.good. Traces of Girls Aloud and t.A.T.u here. Surely a future single.

11. Be Myself Again

The album’s token torch song. Sounds like it could have come from a West End musical. Gays may approve.

12. Bring Down The Reign
Oh my goodness, are you still reading? Thanks! Summer closes proceedings with a serious song, featuring some tribal-type noises of which Sting would surely approve. A bit of a damp squib ending to an unpredictable record.

Overall verdict – 6/10.

US release date: 20th May, UK release date: 23rd June

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Donna Summer - I am a Fire
No, this is not a Mac advert
2008 is looking to be a busy year for elderly pop maidens. Madge is hawking her gusset out once again, Cher is making a fortune in Vegas and after seventeen YEARS Donna Summer is finally bringing out an album of new material!  WAPS is having a hot flush just thinking about it.

Anyway, if you toodle over to certain online download stores you can pick up the club mixes of new track ‘I’m A Fire’, but we suggest saving your pennies for actual comeback single ‘Stamp Your Feet’, due April. Its dramatic verses contrast in gay-pleasing fashion with the super-uplifting chorus, laid over a beat which is danceable yet Radio 2 friendly. The album ‘Crayons’ follows on May 20th.

‘Crayons’ is a bit of an odd title isn’t it? There’s something a bit ‘special’ about it. You know what I mean. Like she can’t be trusted with real pens or something.

» Donna Sumer on MySpace (we think)


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