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You may have heard of Girls Aloud.

Girls Aloud are a British girl group created on the ITV talent show ‘Popstars: The Rivals’ in 2002. The group consists of Cheryl Cole, Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh. Since formation, they’ve had a record breaking 18 consecutive top 10 singles and have released 4 studio albums.

Their musical style is a mixture of electronica, europop and dance, delivered by British production team Xenomania.
» The official Girls Aloud website
» Girls Aloud on MySpace
» Wikipedia entry on Girls Aloud
» Girls Aloud World
» Girls Aloud Addict
» Girls Aloud Forum

We adore Girls Aloud but this had to be mentioned. Apologies for being a bit behind the times, but Girls Aloud performed the (usually) gorgeous 'The Loving Kind' on GMTV the other day – and by god did they cock it up.

From the word go it was all over the place – and we do understand that singing live on breakfast telly at 8am (meaning a 5am start) is not easy - but nothing can excuse Sarah's wrong note at 03.50. Utterly hilarious!  You won't believe your ears.

We love Sarah. At least she has the best hair. To be fair to Sarah though, the entire group is all over the place in this performance. Listen out for Cheryl's bum-notes throughout and Kimberley totally missing her cue. Maybe they'd been on the piss the night before?

Are we being too harsh? Or not harsh enough, perhaps…
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Sandwiched between the two X-Factor shows on Saturday night was The Girls Aloud Party – a one hour celebration of the Girls' astonishing six years at the top.

Guests on the show included Kaiser Chiefs, Cilla Black, Julie Goodyear and James Morrison. Here's a clip of Girls Aloud filling in for Nelly Furtado on James Morrison's current single 'Broken Strings'.

Click here to view the rest of the girls' performance
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Check out the brand new video for ‘The Loving Kind’, the second single to be lifted from Girls Aloud ’s ‘Out Of Control’ album. The track was written in collaboration with Pet Shop Boys and Xenomania, with many fans christening it the unofficial follow up to ‘Call The Shots’: melancholy dancefloor bliss.

‘The Loving Kind’ is Girl Aloud’s 20th single and will be released on January 12th, 2009.
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TIme to set your Sky+ for The Girls Aloud Party, ITV1 on 13th December 2008.
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Girls Aloud Out Of Control Tour 2009
Girls Aloud to tour in May 2009
Girls Aloud
will be touring the country next year. More news to follow tomorrow morning, but so far, here are the dates:

2nd May - The O2 Dublin
3rd May - The O2 Dublin
5th May - Newcastle Metro Radio Arena
6th May - Newcastle Metro Radio Arena
8th May - Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
9th May - Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
11th May - Nottingham Trent FM Arena
12th May - Nottingham Trent FM Arena
13th May - Sheffield Arena
15th May - Sheffield Arena
16th May - Manchester MEN Arena
17th May - Manchester MEN Arena
19th May - Liverpool Echo Arena
20th May - Birmingham NIA
21st May - Birmingham NIA
23rd May - London O2
24th May - London O2
26th May - Wembley Arena
27th May - Wembley Arena
29th May - MEN Arena Manchester
30th May - SECC Glasgow

1st June - NIA Birmingham
2nd June - Liverpool Arena
3rd June - Liverpool Echo Arena
5th June - Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle

The official Girls Aloud website will be offering pre-sale tickets Wednesday 9am. If you’re on O2, you can sign off up to get priority tickets for their London show, by texting ‘priority’ to 2020.

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Pop Kitty crawl the webKelly Rowland hooks up with French singer Nadiya on ‘No Future In The Past’ [That Grape Juice]

Is Madonna brining her ‘Sticky and Sweet Tour’ to Australia? [Yahoo News]

Another one bites the dust at Danity Kane [Aceshowbiz]

Kimberley and Nadine from Girls Aloud get touchy with Nintendo DS []

Michelle Williams
covers Rihanna’s ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ on Pepsi Smash [Neon Limelight]

Win a signed copy of Lady Gaga's debut album 'The Fame' [Enter now]

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   Sugababes: Catfights and Spotlights  Girls Aloud Out Of Control  The Saturdays: Chasing Lights
ALBUM Catfights & Spotlights Out of Control Chasing Lights
REVIEWS » Guardian
» BBC Music
» Times Online
» The Independent
» Attitude Magazine: 2/5
» Popjustice
» Attitude Magazine: 4.5/5
» Times Online
» Guardian
» Belfast Telegraph
SOUND Motown inspired, leaning more towards R&B Slick and edgy as always; pop with hints of electro 80s inspired electropop with a modern sheen
» You On A Good Day
» Can We Call A Truce
» Nothing’s As Good As You
» Unbreakable Heart
» Side Chick
» The Promise
» The Loving Kind
» Untouchable
» Love Is Pain
» Miss You Bow Wow
» Revolution in the Head
» If This Is Love
» Up
» Work
» Set Me Off
» Why Me, Why Now
» Lies
» Issues
VERDICT A sleek, strong album, though the girls may have lost some of the edge which set them apart back in the day. Sadly, this looks set to underperform - though it’s actually better than their last release, the number one ‘Change’. Possibly less instant and cohesive than previous effort ‘Tangled Up’, but this album shows the Girls are far from running out of steam. In fact, they seem unstoppable at the moment. Out of the 3, they have the best album cover. At points the music is borderline cheesy pop, but this remains a very impressive debut (and only £5.99 on iTunes).
WEBSITEThe Sugababes
Girls Aloud
The Saturdays
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Girls Aloud Out Of Control

Only one more week until Girls Aloud’s 5th studio album ‘Out of Control’ drops. Here’s a little sampler of the album. What do you think?

Girls Aloud: Out of Control (out November 3rd)
1. "The Promise" 4:03
2. "The Loving Kind" 3:54
3. "Rolling Back the Rivers" 4:26
4. "Love Is the Key" 4:17
5. "Turn 2 Stone" 4:25
6. "Untouchable" 6:41
7. "Fix Me Up" 4:26
8. "Love Is Pain" 3:31
9. "Miss You Bow Wow" 4:11
10. "Revolution in the Head" 4:04
11. "Live in the Country" 4:27
12. "We Wanna Party" 3:54
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The Alesha Show - Alesha Dixon

We were a bit in limbo about Alesha Dixon, but the more we hear about her new album, the more promising it sounds. The ex-Misteeq MC has recorded several album tracks with Brian Higgins and his Xenomania team (the geniuses behind Girls Aloud and Gabriella Cilmi), including on fabulous lead single ‘The Boy Does Nothing’.  

The Alesha Show (out November 24 2008)
1. Welcome to the Alesha Show
2. Let’s Get Excited
3. Breathe Slow
4. Cinderella Shoe
5. The Boy does Nothing
6. Chasing Ghosts
7. Play Me
8. Hand It Over
9. Do You Know The Way It Feels
10. Can I Begin
11. Italians Do It Better
12. Ooh Baby I Like It Like That
13. Don’t Ever Let Me Go
14. I’m Thru
15. Mystery (hidden track)

It’s a shame the  song ‘Colours of The Rainbow’ is missing from the final tracklisting, but you can download it for FREE.
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Girls Aloud are working their new 60s influenced single ‘The Promise’, out today (physical 20th). The girls performed their song on The X-Factor in floor length sparkly dresses (how Supremes of them).

The CD single will feature b-side ‘She’, which is rather good for a b-side.
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Both Sugababes and Girls Aloud have recently partaken in Radio 1’s Live Lounge, with the former covering Keane’s ‘Spiralling’ and the latter having a stab at One Republic’s ‘Apologise’.

Who do you think comes out on top?

Sugababes ‘Spiralling’

Girls Aloud ‘Apologise’

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Alesha Dixon’s new single ‘The Boy Does Nothing’ has hit UK airwaves. The first single from her new record deal sees Dixon adopting a more poppy sound – think Girls Aloud’s ‘Biology’ meets ‘Mambo No. 5’. Not a bad move after coming first on ‘Strictly Come Dancing 2007’; she’s taken her time rather than immediately capitalising on that particular victory, and on this evidence the waiting may just pay off.

The forthcoming album 'The Alesha Show' is expected in November.
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We're still on holiday in cute nation of Japan, but found time to post the new Girls Aloud video for 'The Promise' before we're off to our daily karaoke session

*wonders if 'The Promise' is on the karaoke playlists yet*

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Pop Kitty crawl the webPop conspiracy: Pussycat Dolls vs Girls Aloud [Chart Rigger]

Don’t Stop The Pop claims the Dannii & Kylie duet will be release on October the 20th [Don’t Stop The Pop]

Rihanna speaks about her new album, due early 2009 [That Grape Juice]





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Nadine premiered the new Girls Aloud single on BBC Radio 1 today, introducing the song as a continuation of ‘Can’t Speak French’. Despite earlier claims that the song would be a traditional GA stomper, it in fact has a distinct 60s easy-listening feel to it (think Emma Bunton covering ‘Life In Mono’, crossed with Super Furry Animals’ ‘Juxtaposed With U’). Enjoy!
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