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In case you were wondering what song soundtracks the Mirror’s Edge video game advert, it’s ‘Still Alive’ by Swedish singer Lisa Miskovsky. Here’s the original version.

We’re particularly charmed by the Teddybears remix; the same band who originally performed Robyn’s amazing ‘Cobrastyle’. 

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The first in a series of print ads featuring campaign spokes model Madonna for Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer 2009 campaign have been revealed on Thursday.

Madonna for Louis Vuitton (shots)

Madonna for Louis Vuittons (shots)

Madge is probably the only one that can afford Louis in these credit crunch times, but what do you think of these shots?
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Dido Safe Trip Home teaser campaign posters

The promotional campaign for Dido’s forthcoming album, Safe Trip Home (new release date November 17th UK / 18th USA), is well underway. Her record label opted to fuse a bit of teaser marketing with arty posters and videos. And the results are quite surprising.

Film directors from around the world have been invited to make a series of short films to spotlight each of the album's 11 songs. Filmed at locations across the globe (Mumbai, Rio, Bangkok and more), each film examines a day in the life of people in different countries.

Dido’s music is a tad too bland for our taste (there’s nothing like the sugar rush of a fresh Britney track), but admittedly her new material works really well with the films. Trailers for the first four films can be viewed online at Dido’s YouTube channel.

»   Dido’s YouTube Channel
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Lily Allen will be back in 2009

Today Lily Allen announced the release date of her new album, tentatively titled ‘Stuck on the Naughty Step’. WAPS can’t wait for February - the demos she’s uploaded to her MySpace page in the past few months are very promising indeed.  (Seriously – they’re actually quite amazing. Check them out, please.)

»  Lily Allen on MySpace

Here’s her post (15.09.08)
My new album will be released on the 9th of Feb 2009. I know it's a while away, but there will be bits and bobs flying around before then, I'm shooting a video (for viral release) in the next couple of weeks , to keep you entertained .

I am so excited, were getting all the artwork and stuff done and coming up with new and interesting ideas. I am trying really hard to do this album with integrity and I want you all to know that it has been thought about by me, not just some thrown together last minute industry bullshizz.

I hope you'll all love it as much as I do, I'm working on extra stuff in the studio at the moment , it seems making an album isn't enough these days, some websites (not naming any!) wont put an album on their front page unless you give them exclusive tracks, not that i'm complaining, I am at my happiest in the studio so it works well for me, I just don't want to put out sub standard stuff . I always thought an album was a body of work in itself. you take it or leave it . You wouldn't say to a painter "yeah i love the naked ladies ,but would you mind painting their hair blonde instead of brown, and making their tits a bit bigger?" or " the trees are really pretty, a few more leaves perhaps?" Maybe you would actually , ha ha .
Anyway whatevs.
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The Science of Sexy by Dita: The Complete Wonderbra Film.
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Snow Patrol are first to make use of the iPhone's interactive capabilities

Last month The Independent did a feature on the (dim) future of album artwork, arguing that the downsize from LP to CD left the record sleeve mortally wounded and that the move to digital downloads has performed the coup de grâce on album artwork.

The news that Apple will be delivering ‘interactive albums’ through it’s iTunes Store must be a glimmer of hope. Owners of the iPod Touch and iPhone buying these new formats, will get access to a raft of extra content like artwork, behind-the-scenes images and lyrics via the touch screen of their handsets.

First band to make use of the iPhone’s extra capabilities are Snow Patrol. Their new album ‘A Hundred Million Suns’ will be hitting the digital shelves of iTunes around October 27.

Apple reportedly plans to deliver extras for several other albums in the coming months, though it’s unclear if the company will catalog media from various artists into a single extras application or distribute separate apps with each album.
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Nike+ Human Race, the world's largest running event will take place on 31 August. The event will see up to one million runners across the globe competing in a 10k race. The race brings together sport and music (Nike and iPod = Nike+) and runners will be treated to performances of Kelly Rowland (in Paris), Moby (in London) and Kanye West (LA).

Here’s a surprisingly funny video with Kelly Rowland:

In other Kelly Rowland news, she has started working on her 3rd album in early April 2008. Danja, is said to be lined up to work on the follow up to her disappointing ‘Ms Kelly’.

Kelly, sweet cakes, if you’re reading this, please get in touch with the Freemasons. The album is set for a release in early 2009.
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In a last-ditch attempt to give 'Overpowered' the success it deserves, Róisín Murphy has teamed up with the advertising world.

Murphy has reworked Brian Ferry’s ‘Slave To Love’ for a Gucci ad, and will release it worldwide as a double A-side with ‘Overpowered’s final single, ‘Movie Star’.

Rumour has it that ‘Movie Star’ and ‘Slave To Love’ will both receive the video treatment (‘Movie Star’, of course, already has one crazy video), but in the meantime check out these clips.

One is a making-of featurette where you can hear ‘Slave To Love’ in its entirety, while the other shows the finished ad.

FYI -the hunky model is James Franco, who you may recognise from the Spiderman movies.

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Chromeo to curate the San Miguel HIdden Depths
Chromeo at the Hidden Depths
Following a highly successful launch in 2007, San Miguel's Hidden Depths have returned this summer with five one-off music and media events held in London and Manchester.

Each unique event will be curated by a different guest host. Next up are the guys from electro-funk duo Chromeo who have invited their friends and inspirations to join them at The End / AKA on Thursday 21st August (that’s next week!) One of the friends rumoured to be joining them is current Queen of Cool, Santogold.

»   For a chance to win tickets to the remaining events

The final event for this year will be held at The Amersham Arms on 18th September. With a line up led by It’s Pop It’s Art – a unique collaboration between DJ and designer Fred Deakin’s design company Airside and EMI Records – guests can expect an audio visual treat, as It’s Pop It’s Art has been responsible for creating visual cover versions of some of the most important songs in pop music.
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The new Sugababes single 'Girls'. Loving it!


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While Beyonce is still in the studio recording the follow up to the disappointing B-Day, her sister Solange must have thought it’d be a good time to step out of her shadow. She’s currently here in the UK to promote her new single 'I Decided’.


And if that wasn’t enough, Giorgio Armani recently announced that Solange is the new Armani Jeans ambassador. Giorgio Armani says, “Armani Jeans expresses my vision of a young, independent, casual lifestyle with a strong and cool, fashion sensibility. Solange epitomises this style perfectly and brings to it that swing so evident in her new single, ‘I Decided’.” Beyonce had better watch her back.

Solange's second album SoL-AngeL and the Hadley Street Dreams will be released 25th of August, followed by a worldwide tour beginning in late autumn.

»   Listen to Solange’s new single on MySpace 
»   Watch Solange video for 'I Decided (part 2)'

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Something completely random, but here’s the new Martini commercial featuring their ‘spokesman’ George Clooney. The moustache is supposed to signify he’s a classic movie star, but it just looks a bit silly to us.

Your thoughts?
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When we saw the Samsung U900 Soul advert a few months ago, we thought the song used was by Justin Timberlake.  We were pleased to find out it was actually Robin Thicke (pronounced Thick for those wondering). Here’s the video for ‘Magic’, the first single from Robin’s third studio album, Something Else out September 9th.

God he’s gorgeous!

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UPDATED: And here's the video for her new single.

Hayden Panettiere for Candie's
Hayden Panettiere for Candie's
Heroes star Hayden Panettiere premiered her debut single ‘Wake Up Call’ on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show this morning. The song itself is a sweet but forgettable summer song, reminiscent of Paris Hilton’s ‘Stars Are Blind’. It certainly won’t set the charts on fire, although the single will get a good push in America, where it will be used in the summer campaign by shoe brand Candie’s.

Any thoughts?

»  Listen to ‘Wake Up Call’
»  Hayden Panettiere on MySpace

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How does one celebrate a cool brand’s centenary? Well, in Converse’ case you hire the hottest people from different musical backgrounds and hope for the best. Santogold, Pharrell Williams (N*E*R*D) and Julian Casablancas (The Strokes) got together and recorded ‘My Drive Tru’. It’s an eclectic catchy song, but it feels a bit patchy and simply tries too hard to be cool.

Anyway, you can download the song for free at Converse’ website and here’s the video which does look amazing and guess what, it’s totally ‘integrated’ with the print campaign - just what the client briefed in!

»  Download 'My Drive Tru' for FREE (yes!) at Converse

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