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Lady Gaga (real name Stefani Germanotta) is a singer/songwriter based in New York. The stage name 'Lady GaGa' according to an interview by Ron Slomowicz, was said to be referencing Queen's song 'Radio Ga-Ga'.

Her debut single 'Just Dance' and album 'The Fame' were produced by RedOne. 'The Fame' (Out in Canada, 28th October 2008 US, 13th January UK) is a collection of electronica and dance pop.

» Lady Gaga's entry on Wikipedia
» Lady Gaga's official website
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2009 Grammy Award nominees

The longest award show in the history of award shows has revealed its nominees for the 2009 Grammy Awards.

To give you a brief summary (seriously - there's about 100 awards), some interesting ones to note are:
    * Eight nominations for Lil' Wayne
    * Seven for Coldplay
    * Six for Jay Z, Ne-Yo and Kanye West
    * Four for Adele
    * Three for Leona Lewis
    * Three for Rihanna
    * Onefor Kylie Minogue
    * Only one for Katy Perry
    * And most excitingly, nods for Pink, Robyn, Lady Gaga and M.I.A. Go Gaga!

Good luck to all! Read the full list here (you might want to make a cup of tea before you try and get through them all.)
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Lady Gaga does Christmas

Lady Gaga is ready to deck the halls this season! Her new track, 'Christmas Tree' featuring Space Cowboy, is sure to become a modern holiday classic for years to come! Check it out!

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Lady Gaga hits the top 10 with Just Dance
Stills from second single 'Poker Face'

Many non-American acts find it hard to ‘crack’ the US, but Lady Gaga proves even home-grown musicians take a while to break. The electro-pop sensation released her debut single ‘Just Dance’ back in April, but only now has it finally reached the Billboard Top 10, peaking this week at #7.  Well done Gaga – thoroughly deserved!

In other exciting news, Lady Gaga will support the Pussycat Dolls on the British leg of their ‘Doll Domination Tour’. Her album ‘The Fame’ is pencilled in for a UK release on the 19th January, while the Brits officially get ‘Just Dance’ on December 29th.

» Win a signed copy of Lady Gaga's debut album 'The Fame'

The full dates for the Pussycat Dolls 2009 ‘Doll Domination Tour’ are:
18 Jan 2009 - AECC Aberdeen
19 Jan 2009 - SECC Glasgow
21 Jan 2009 - Newcastle Arena Newcastle
22 Jan 2009 - NIA Birmingham
24 Jan 2009 - Nottingham Arena Nottingham
25 Jan 2009 - BIC Bournemouth
27 Jan 2009 - O2 Arena London
28 Jan 2009 - O2 Arena London
29 Jan 2009 - MEN Arena Manchester
30 Jan 2009 - Cardiff Arena Cardiff
1 Feb 2009 - O2 Dublin
3 Feb 2009 - Kings Hall, Belfast
5 Feb 2009 - Sheffield Arena Sheffield
6 Feb 2009 - Liverpool Arena Liverpool

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Christina Aguilera versus Lady Gaga

All that bleach must have gone to Xtina’s tiny head. In a new interview with the Los Angeles Times, Aguilera hits back at claims that she stole the signature style of fellow singer Lady Gaga, just to sell a few more copies of her Greatest Hits album, Keeps Gettin’ Better.

"What do you say to those on the Internet who are hinting that you borrowed Lady Gaga’s look?
You know, that’s funny that you mention that. This person [Lady Gaga] was just brought to my attention not too long ago. I’m not quite sure who this person is, to be honest. I don’t know if it is a man or a woman. I just wasn’t sure. I really don’t spend any time on the Internet, so I guess I live a little under a rock in that respect.

It’s a shame Christina has to be so bitchy about it. When Blender Magazine asked Lady Gaga about Aguilera's performance at the 2008 Video Music Awards she said, "A lot of people have been saying that she is copying my style with her new song. I guess it bares somewhat of a resemblance but I wouldn't say she is copying me. This type of dance music is becoming more popular and I don't blame her for wanting to make and perform it. Her performance was great and it's [Keeps Getting’ Better] is a hot track."
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Artwork for the new Britney Spears album 'Circus'
A wholesome Britney Spears

As December 2nd looms, more details are revealed on Britney Spears’ new album Circus. A wholesome Britney features on the cover, and the second single is allegedly the up-tempo track ‘Circus’, produced by Dr. Luke (Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Katy Perry) and Benny Blanco.

Tracklisting Circus
1. Womanizer
2. Circus
3. Out From Under
4. Kill The Lights
5. Shattered Glass
6. If U Seek Amy
7. Unusual You
8. Blur (written by Lady Gaga and Darkchild)
9. Mmm Papi
10. Mannequin
11. Lace and Leather
12. My Baby

Bonus Track:
13. Radar
14. Rock Me In (deluxe version)
15. Phonography (deluxe version)

Interestingly is the inclusion of the excellent Blackout track ‘Radar’, which was rumoured to be the final single from Blackout.
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Pop Kitty crawl the webKelly Rowland hooks up with French singer Nadiya on ‘No Future In The Past’ [That Grape Juice]

Is Madonna brining her ‘Sticky and Sweet Tour’ to Australia? [Yahoo News]

Another one bites the dust at Danity Kane [Aceshowbiz]

Kimberley and Nadine from Girls Aloud get touchy with Nintendo DS []

Michelle Williams
covers Rihanna’s ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ on Pepsi Smash [Neon Limelight]

Win a signed copy of Lady Gaga's debut album 'The Fame' [Enter now]

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Stills from the Lady Gaga video Poker Face
Some stills from the hot new video 'Poker Face' by Lady Gaga

Ms Gaga just released the video for her second official single, Poker Face. It's a bit of a combination of Donatella Versace, Cher and Christina Aguilera (who recently stole GaGa's look for her VMA performance of 'Keeps Gettin' Better) with a lot of leotards thrown in.

Poker Face is one of the best tracks on her album, The Fame, out on October 28th (US). The album is allegedly slated for a UK release 19th of January 2009.  

»   Watch the Poker Face video on YouTube
»   Win a signed copy of Lady Gaga's debut album 'The Fame'
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As Lady Gaga’s promotion campaign is heating up - The Fame will be released 28th October in the US – another eclectic video has appeared: Beautiful Dirty Rich.

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Lady Gaga 'Poker Face' single cover
With next proper single (‘Poker Face’) on the way, Lady Gaga’s campaign is moving further in to Europe and Australia.

Adem managed to get an interview with her, which makes for a very good read.  For example:    

And then there’s the whale…
I always thinks it’s funny how people watch my video on youtube and they comment “why is she humping a whale?” It’s hysterical.

»  Read the full interview at 'Adem with an E'
»  Win a signed copy of Lady Gaga's debut album 'The Fame'
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Here's the promo for Dirty Sexy Money, soundtracked by Lady Gaga, who also makes a little appearance in this video.

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Pop Kitty crawl the webLady Gaga's response to the Christina Aguilera performance [Perez Hilton]

Rihanna finally releases ‘Breaking Dishes’ as single number 8 [That Grape Juice]

Mariah Carey dumps her manager [Daily Melody]

Paris Hilton wants to duet with Britney Spears on her new album (Paris’ album that is, out later this year!) [MTV UK]

The 100 Greatest, Gayest Albums (of All Time), according to []

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Last night saw the 25th annual MTV Video Music Awards held at Paramount Studios, Hollywood. In order of most anticipated / amazing, here are WAPS’ highlights:
•    Britney Spears didn’t perform, but did win 3 VMAs for her ‘Piece of Me’ video.  Amazingly,  these are the first Moonmen Britney has ever taken home. See her opening sketch with Superbad actor Jonah Hill here.

•   Pink delivered an explosive performance of new single ‘So What’, which was actually even better than the official video.

•    Christina Aguilera was another show-stealer.  Her segment kicked off with an electro version of ‘Genie in a Bottle’, and was immediately followed by a superhero performance of ‘Keeps Getting’ Better’. It’s a shame she was lip-synching, but who knew she was such a good dancer? Her new fringe and electropop sound makes her a carbon copy of Lady Gaga though.  From now on she is known as Christina AguaGaGa.

•    Leona Lewis showed off her crazy voice opening Lil Wayne’s performance.

•    Katy Perry sang a bit of Like a Virgin and Miley Cyrus single handily murdered Like a Prayer.  Why god, why?
•    Rihanna came rolling on to the stage for ‘Disturbia’ and managed to work in a bit of ‘Seven Nation Army’ by the White Stripes. Is it 2003 again already? Great performance, but her vocals were all over the place…


Judge for yourself tonight at 9pm on MTV One (UK).
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Christina Aguilera vs Lady Gaga
Going head to head

Lady Gaga must be FUMING.

Thinking she had her own little niche all carved out, then suddenly Christina Aguilera returns from nowhere with a Richard X meets Goldfrapp electro stomper.  It sounds like a Gaga cut-off, i.e. amazing.  In fact, Kylie, Gwen AND Annie are probably seething as well. This is almost as exciting and unexpected as Britney’s ‘Blackout’ masterpiece.

Clever Christina has clearly realised that electro pop is where it’s at. ‘Keeps Getting Better’ is the promotional single for her best-of album, entitled ‘Keeps Getting Better – A decade of hits’. She is scheduled to perform the song at Sunday’s VMAs.

Let’s hope Xtina doesn’t steal Britney and Gaga’s spotlight – she obviously wants to rectify the damage caused by her indulgent, boredom-inducing ‘Back To Basics’ double album.

Ladies, consider the bar well and truly raised.  

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Dear Danny, Donnie, Joey, Jonathan and Jordan,

Why did you release ‘Single’ as your second comeback single, while you have an amazing club-banger featuring Lady Gaga sitting on the shelf, gathering dust?  Seriously, no offense to Ne-yo, but he clearly kept all the good songs to himself. Gaga shared hers with you, so be grateful and release an ace video for this in return.

Thank you.

In other pop news (see what we did there?), Lady Gaga will be hosting the series premiere of NewNowNext Pop Lab. This brand new TV show will feature up-and-coming party music in all its forms. If you’re in the US, watch the premiere on American TV channel LOGO this Wednesday, September 3rd at midnight (ET/PT).
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Check out the first still from “Beautiful Dirty Rich,” the official music video for the second season of Dirty Sexy Money (premieres October 1st in the US), brought to you by the fab Lady Gaga.

» Win a signed copy of Lady Gaga's debut album 'The Fame'
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