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Lily Allen covers Womanizer

First she backs Britney up over her alleged ‘miming’ on the X-Factor, now Lily Allen shows her love for Ms Spears by covering Womanizer. As unlikely as it sounds, her version really works! Enjoy.

Oh and Ladyhawke covered the same song for Radio 1's Live Lounge. Not as great. What do you think of these covers?

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After receiving rave reviews for her eponymous debut album, Ladyhawke’s Pip Brown is hopefully set for big things in 2009. Earlier this year Courtney Love bigged her up on MySpace, and Kylie recently contacted her management to say how much she loved ‘Paris Is Burning’.

The first few singles from the album didn’t manage to crack the mainstream, but her latest effort ‘My Delirium’ is set to make waves.

‘My Delirium’ is out December 8th.

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WAPS looks at todayKraak & Smaak ‘Squeeze Me’
Simply everyone is tripping over themselves to rave about this: all of Radio 1’s tastemakers (Tong, Lowe, Mac), MTV, Perezhilton…the list goes on. But obviously only WAPS’ opinion counts and…we quite likey.  The beat is the best part, but the soul-style vocal doesn’t sound amazingly original to us.  However a lot of this track’s success so far is probably down to the creative video.

Lupe Fiasco ‘Paris Tokyo’
Mr Fiasco is, according to ‘in the know’ hip-hoppers, a very talented lyricist. So please will someone explain how he gets away with lines like this: ‘Ring ring went the Iphone, it was my homie.’ Dire.

Jack Johnson ‘Hope’
If you’ve ever heard anything by Jack Johnson, then you will already know what this sounds like, because every song he has ever done sounds EXACTLY THE SAME. And if you haven’t, it’s reggae by a white hippie surfer ‘dude’, i.e. hideous.

Keyshia Cole ft Missy Elliott & Lil’ Kim ‘Let It Go’

Sleek R&B with urgent vocals from Cole and a typically phoned-in rap from Missy. Lil Kim could be pouting at the 3.24 mark in the video, or maybe that’s just what her face looks like now? This was a big hit in the US last summer so chances are anyone who would want it has already got it.

Ladyhawke ‘Back of the Van’
We’ve already told you to check out Ladyhawke, but in all honesty this isn’t the track that got our mojo working (that would be ‘Paris Is Burning’ – future single please).  This, however, just sounds a bit too out of tune for comfort. And is the achingly hip production and accompanying retro video borne of a genuine love for 80s synth-rock, or is it a calculated attempt to win over the Topshop crowd? The plot thickens.

The Last Shadow Puppets ‘The Age of the Understatement’
As if you didn’t already know, this is the ‘long awaited’ side-project from Arctic Monkeys main man Alex Turner (plus some mate of his nobody has ever heard of). It’s the Arctics with strings and leaves us distinctly cold. Far too clever for its own good, but it will probably be a hit purely because of Turner’s involvement.

The verdict – Kraak & Smaak edge it over the competition.
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Ladyhawke - Paris is burning
We all know Courtney Love is bonkers – but she does have moments of genius, one of which was sending out a MySpace bulletin concerning the uber-cool Ladyhawke. Hipsters are all over this girl like a trendy rash but unlike most buzz artists we think this one has staying power.  Her song ‘Paris Is Burning’ should be a big fat mega worldwide smash otherwise there is no God, basically.

BUT we have noticed there’s already a band called Ladyhawk (no E on the end) with two albums out, so maybe a name change is on the cards?

You simply must check her out this instant:
 » Ladyhawke on MySpace

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