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Madonna, a global pop force. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Pellentesque vel pede. In enim nunc, egestas nec, gravida nec, mattis eu, tellus. Cras vestibulum, dolor a placerat venenatis, tellus sem molestie elit, suscipit posuere magna nunc vel nisl. Nam varius, orci ut malesuada gravida, diam felis pulvinar orci, ac convallis purus.

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The first in a series of print ads featuring campaign spokes model Madonna for Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer 2009 campaign have been revealed on Thursday.

Madonna for Louis Vuitton (shots)

Madonna for Louis Vuittons (shots)

Madge is probably the only one that can afford Louis in these credit crunch times, but what do you think of these shots?
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Listen to the biggest pop smashes of the past year condensed into 5 minutes of brain-melting madness. This track flips from amazing to ridiculous to awful and then back to amazing again all within the space of 10 seconds!

The video editing is equally impressive/manic. Enjoy the ride…

Mp3 is downloadable at

Ne-Yo: Closer
Estelle & Kanye West: American Boy
Rihanna: Disturbia
Madonna, Justin Timberlake, & Timbaland: 4 Minutes
Britney Spears: Gimme More
Lupe Fiasco & Matthew Santos: Superstar
Kardinal Offishal & Akon : Dangerous
Pussycat Dolls: When I Grow Up
Danity Kane: Damaged
Leona Lewis: Bleeding Love
Flo Rida & T-Pain: Low
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It's nice of them to come together again, but Britney’s appearance at Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour in LA was just a little bit underwhelming, wasn't it?

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Pop Kitty crawl the webKelly Rowland hooks up with French singer Nadiya on ‘No Future In The Past’ [That Grape Juice]

Is Madonna brining her ‘Sticky and Sweet Tour’ to Australia? [Yahoo News]

Another one bites the dust at Danity Kane [Aceshowbiz]

Kimberley and Nadine from Girls Aloud get touchy with Nintendo DS []

Michelle Williams
covers Rihanna’s ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ on Pepsi Smash [Neon Limelight]

Win a signed copy of Lady Gaga's debut album 'The Fame' [Enter now]

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Stills from the Lady Gaga video Poker Face
Some stills from the hot new video 'Poker Face' by Lady Gaga

Ms Gaga just released the video for her second official single, Poker Face. It's a bit of a combination of Donatella Versace, Cher and Christina Aguilera (who recently stole GaGa's look for her VMA performance of 'Keeps Gettin' Better) with a lot of leotards thrown in.

Poker Face is one of the best tracks on her album, The Fame, out on October 28th (US). The album is allegedly slated for a UK release 19th of January 2009.  

»   Watch the Poker Face video on YouTube
»   Win a signed copy of Lady Gaga's debut album 'The Fame'
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Last night CBS aired NYC's 'Fashion Rocks' event, where Rihanna performed a cover of Madonna's  'Vogue'.

She appeared in a sea of feathers (Showgirl-era Kylie would have approved) - however, the performance lacked some of the attitude which made this song famous.

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We spotted an interesting ‘4 Minutes’ remix on Please Don’t Stop The Music.  Ch-check it out.

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New Kids On The Block ft. Lady Gaga

Think back to yesterday – remember yesterday? Seems a lifetime ago, doesn’t it. Anyway, we were slagging off NKOTB a bit, and yet today we’re feeling more positive about them. Such is the nature of being a Pop Slag.

The glimmer of hope? Our beloved Lady Gaga, of course! She’s previously spoken about working with the group, and how doing so fulfilled a childhood dream for her.  The track has of course leaked, and let’s just say NKOTB should be the ones thanking her, if you please.

In typical Gaga/RedOne style, ‘Big Girl Now’ is more ‘saucy club-banger’ than ‘yawnsome credit-crunch soundtracker’, with lyrics concerning how - oh yes - this little girl has grown up.

We can totally imagine a little Lady Gaga with NKOTB posters on the wall singing along to their songs. Well now she can have SEX with them, the filthy bitch.

We’re still not convinced if the r&b / dance route is right for the dad, sorry, boyband NKOTB, but then again, if Madonna, Kylie and Cher can sell dance records in their forties, we should perhaps give them the benefit of the doubt.

What do you think?
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Just when you thought we were slightly saturated by Madonna news, another thing pops up. It’s the Desperate Housewives promo for season 5! The wives are dancing to Madonna’s 1992 remake of ‘Fever’ and eating some apples. Gotta get your 5-a-day!

The 5th season of Desperate Housewives will premier on US television September 28th. The UKwill start showing the last bits of season 4, starting September 3rd.
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Newspaper reviews of Madonna's opening night of Sticky & Sweet
In the months running up to the kick-off date, it’s been difficult not to read about Madonna’s 8th world tour: Sticky & Sweet. She’s pulled out all the stops, including video cameos by Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Britney (a clear winner with the crowd), showing she is still the business. The fans seemed to love it, but what did the press make of this? Here are the reviews:
»   Wales Online: Hail Madonna, The Queen of Pop!
»   The Guardian: Madonna kicks off 'Sticky and Sweet' tour in UK
»   USA Today: Madonna mixes Hitler, Mugabe, McCain on tour
»   Daily Mail: Hello, boyos: Madonna kicks off the first leg of her world tour
»   MSN: Madonna kicks off world tour
»   BBC: Madonna raves on as tour begins
»   Mirror: Madonna's showstopping Sticky and Sweet tour kicks off with a bang

Here's a little sample of the spectacle: Candy Shop / Beat Goes On (HQ)

More clips after the jump.
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Madonna in concert during the Sticky & Sweet Tour
Sticky & Sweet - picture by Andrew James
Oh how concert reviewing has moved on since pre-internet times. Wales Online are blogging live from the Millennium Stadium, reporting on each song, including pictures showing Madonna is still as saucy as ever.

»   Go to the live blogging event
»   View the picture gallery of Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour

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Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour Book

Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour kicks off tonight in Cardiff, so to get you in the mood, here is the cover picture of the official Tour book. More shots are available at All About Madonna. We think the fringe makes her look ‘a bit Courtney Love’, but she pulls it off.

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Madonna's Sticky and Sweet Tour Spoilers

Madonna, currently putting the finishing touches to her fabulous new Sticky & Sweet Show in Cardiff, is readying herself and the 250 travelling personnel for the opening night this Saturday at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium.

The ‘Sticky & Sweet’ tour promises two pulsating hours of non stop hits in a show that features 16 dancers, a 12 piece band, more than 8 costume changes for the lady herself and £l million of Swarovski crystals.

The show is broken up into four sections:

A mashed up homage to 1920’s deco and modern day gangsta pimp. Madonna makes a grand entrance dressed by Givenchy.

Old School
Madonna tips her hat to her early 80’s downtown New York City dance roots with flashes of Keith Haring and the dance culture vibe of the time including the birth of rap.


A VIP trip to La Isla Bonita infused by the spirit of Romanian folk music and dance. A tour de force.

Far eastern influences emerge all sparkly and sporty.

And here are some crazy number about the stadium show.
•   3500 Number of individual wardrobe elements for tour
•   653 Hours of rehearsal time for Madonna and band
•   250 Number of travelling personnel
•   200 Triangle sponges used to apply makeup
•   180 Q-Tips used for entire tour (3 per night)
•   120 Powder puffs
•   100 Pairs of out of stock fishnet, pantyhose in old style weave,purchased for Madonna via ebay and local dance shops
•   100 Pairs of kneepads
•   69 Guitars
•   36 Different Designers contributed to the onstage wardrobe
•   30 Wardrobe Trunks travel to each venue
•   28 Maximum number of performers onstage
•   20 Nationalities represented in touring stuff (including Japanese, Israeli, Russian, Romanian, Australian and Algerian)
•   18 Racks of Clothing for Band, dancers and gypsies
•   16 Caterers
•   12 Seamstresses working non stop in Cardiff to finish costumes for opening night
•   12 Travelling trampolines used in training by Madonna and dancers
•   10 Large flight cases of medical supplies
•   10 Number of guitars Madonna will travel with
•   9 Number of people working in wardrobe department
•   8 Major Madonna Costume changes
•   5 Number of people it takes to change Madonna into next costume
•   5 Keyboards on stage for Kevin Antunes, Musical Directo
•   4 Large freezers to carry ice packs for Madonna and dancers
•   4 YSL Lipsticks will cover entire tour
•   3 Romanian gypsy musicians playing acoustic instruments
•   3 Racks of Clothing contain Madonna’s stage wardrobe
•   3 Shu Uemura eyelash curlers
•   2 Rigs for DJ set up
•   2 Stages
•   1.5 Minutes - Shortest time required to change Madonna’s costumes between numbers
•   1 Chiropractor
•   1 Personal trainer
•   1 Masseuse
•   1 Set of Swarovski crystal ear phones for DJ

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Pop Kitty crawl the webKitty has been away for a bit - but she’s back, back, BACK! Did you miss her? She missed you.
Here are the latest headlines from the pop blogosphere:

10 years ago, Madonna recorded a cover of Abba’s ‘Like an Angel Passing Through my Room’ with the brilliant William Orbit.
This sounds great in theory, but it never made the cut during the ‘Ray of Light/Music’ era – and perhaps for a reason. Some kind soul has finally let it out of the bag, but we’re sad to report that it actually is just a tad underwhelming. [Hard Candy Music] Fun for fans though:

Beverly Hills 90210 has a very belated follow-up series, simply entitled ‘90210’.  Imaginative, eh? Shannon Doherty (Brenda) and Jennie Garth (Kelly) will be returning to the halls of West Beverly Hills High…presumably as teachers. [Pop Crunch]

More news on Brandy’s comeback album. It’s called ‘Human’. We want another ‘Never Say Never’, or ‘What About Us’ please. FYI, new buzz track ‘Right Here’ is very promising indeed. [Rap Up]

…and speaking of Brandy, Monica (the other one from ‘The Boy Is Mine’) is trying to claw her way back into the spotlight as well.  As always, she’s failing to quite keep up with Brandy - it’s a bit too street, and street is over. It’s all about electro R&B these days, innit.  Well, it certainly is at WAPS towers, anyway. [Hard Candy Music]

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What’s this? Apparently the boys from Keane made a pact with Stuart Price (a.k.a. the man behind Madonna’s Confessions…) to ignore the rules of good taste, while they were recording their new album ‘Perfect Symmetry’ (out 13th October 2008).

Well, we’re not exactly sure how we feel about this. Keane are just too bland, and it seems Madonna sucked all the magic out of Stuart Price (Seal’s album was the poor man’s version of Confessions). Could this be a fun album?

Keane will release a new song called Spiralling on Monday, August 4 at

Here is the radio  version on YouTube.
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