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RedOne, real name Nadir Khayat, is a Moroccan/Swedish producer and writer based in Los Angeles. He's known for producing europop and clubby hip hop for acts like Lady Gaga, Heidi Montag, Tami Chynn and Kat DeLuna.

»  RedOne's MySpace page
»  Wikipedia entry on RedOne

It looks like Toni Braxton’s comeback is shifting up a gear. New song ‘Get Loose’, rumoured to be the first single from her new album, has surfaced today. The upbeat Darkchild produced song, takes some cues from Brandy’s ‘Right Here (Departed)’, but shows a poppy side to Toni not seen since her 1999 ‘The Heat’ album.

With the rumoured writing team to include Darkchild, The Writing Camp, Claude Kelly and RedOne, Toni’s comeback could very well turn out to be more commercially focused and embracing pop(ier) sounds. Yay!
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Toni Braxton will make a comeback in 2009!

Toni Braxton
is finally making a comeback! First track to surface from her as-yet-untitled-album, is ‘Melt (Like An Iceberg)’. No, this song is not about global warming, it’s one of Braxton’s usual topics; passion. It’s a good song, but not exciting enough to make the impact her comeback needs.  

ToniBraxtonWeb reports the executive producer team for Toni’s new album include Harvey Mason Jr. and Damon Thomas. The production duo previously collaborated with Toni on the tracks “Supposed to Be” [co-written by Keri Hilson], “Finally” [co-written by Durrell “Tank” Babbs] and “I Wanna Be Your Baby” [co-written by Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds].

Other musicians backing Braxton on the as-yet-untitled project are Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins (Michael Jackson, Beyonce Knowles), The Writing Camp: Evan “Kidd” Bogart, Erika “E-Nuri” Nuri & David “DQ” Quinones (Britney Spears, Christina Milian), Soulshock & Karlin: Carsten Schack and Kenneth Karlin (Keyshia Cole, Mary J. Blige), Claude Kelly (Brandy, Whitney Houston) and Nadir ‘RedOne’ Khayat (Lady Gaga, Enrique Iglesias).

Atlantic Records hopes to have music out by Braxton in early 2009.

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As Christmas draws closer, yet another greatest hits package has surfaced. Quick, call your mum, an Iglesias is on the loose…

Enrique Iglesias releases his first (English language) Greatest Hits on November 11th. How did you ever survive without it?

The album features an up-tempo duet with Ciara, called ‘Takin’ Back My Love’. It's surprisingly good. Listen here:
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New Kids On The Block ft. Lady Gaga

Think back to yesterday – remember yesterday? Seems a lifetime ago, doesn’t it. Anyway, we were slagging off NKOTB a bit, and yet today we’re feeling more positive about them. Such is the nature of being a Pop Slag.

The glimmer of hope? Our beloved Lady Gaga, of course! She’s previously spoken about working with the group, and how doing so fulfilled a childhood dream for her.  The track has of course leaked, and let’s just say NKOTB should be the ones thanking her, if you please.

In typical Gaga/RedOne style, ‘Big Girl Now’ is more ‘saucy club-banger’ than ‘yawnsome credit-crunch soundtracker’, with lyrics concerning how - oh yes - this little girl has grown up.

We can totally imagine a little Lady Gaga with NKOTB posters on the wall singing along to their songs. Well now she can have SEX with them, the filthy bitch.

We’re still not convinced if the r&b / dance route is right for the dad, sorry, boyband NKOTB, but then again, if Madonna, Kylie and Cher can sell dance records in their forties, we should perhaps give them the benefit of the doubt.

What do you think?
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The buzz around NKOTB’s comeback has been building for a while now. As is customary these days, one of their new tracks - a RedOne /Akon collaboration - has found its way on to the internet.

If you were hoping for some reflective, wise lyrics and sensible acoustic guitars (a la Take That), well - keep moving, people, nothing to see here.

These wrong-side-of -30 ‘kids’ have opted for bog-standard R&B with words about buying cocktails for girls. Imagine your dad having a mid-life crisis and recording it.

Here's New Kids On The Block's 'Put It On My Tab'

What do you think of their new material?
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Queen Gaga
All hail Queen Gaga
The above pretty much sums up Lady Gaga. She’s stylish, eccentric and musically gifted. But if you read WAPS regularly you will already know this: we simply can’t stop talking about her.

‘The Fame’, hopes to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. We’re divided over whether she’ll infiltrate the mainstream, or fall into arty obscurity. Whether staggered release dates will further or hinder her cause remains to be seen.

Earlier this week an album sampler surfaced, featuring songs that Kylie, Scissor Sisters and Gwen Stefani would have killed to feature on their last releases.

Here’s a quick rundown:

Just Dance (feat. Colby O’ Donis)
Just dance… The should-be summer anthem of 2008 – if only they would have released it in the UK (see previous review).

Love Games

Heavy synths, perfect for clubs. ‘Let’s have some fun, this beat is sick, I want to take a ride on your disco stick’. A winner!

Lady Gaga channels Gwen Stefani at her melancholy best on ‘Paparazzi’s stunning chorus. In a just world, this has ‘enormo-hit’ written all over it.

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
This song showed up on her MySpace profile early on. It reveals a more funky / ballsy side to Gaga - Pink would approve. It’s not as instantaneous as her other work, but it’s growing on us.  Genius piano stabs.

Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
A nice mid-tempo electro ballad bringing a more vulnerable side to light. Simple and cutesy lyrics.

Poker Face
And forget the vulnerability, this is a club banger. Great hook; read my po-po-po-poker face…

The Fame
‘We’ve got a taste for champagne and endless fortunes, we live for the fame’ - that’s the way WAPS likes it. We’ve had enough of celebrities complaining about the drag of being famous. Enjoy it while it lasts. Not the strongest track, but a conceptual triumph.

Money Honey
A sassy, pure-pop track. Reminds us of Just Dance.  (A good thing).

Again Again
A BIG 70s-style ballad. The Scissor Sisters ‘Ta dah’ should have been full of this kind of brilliance.

Boys Boys Boys

Never one to sit down, after the ballad there will be dance. This one’s dedicated to boys. Can’t go wrong there.  Ace ace ace, we say.

Brown Eyes
Another ballad, but this one is more 70s Adult Orientated Rock (AOR), which brings back memories of Elton John, Carpenters, Fleetwood Mac…we could go on. It’s v, v good.

Summer Boy
Oh, happy summer pop, with a hint of disco. Think Alphabeat meets Christina Aguilera.

It’s hard to judge an album on 30-second snippets (but we have done anyway). RedOne’s production might get ‘samey’ on the uptempo tracks, but this preview demonstrates enough variety to please a lot of pop fans.

‘The Fame’ is shaping up to be a strong and unique debut, and the world needs to sit up and listen. Records this fun and passionate don’t come along all that often.

All hail Queen GaGa.
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While still being very much obsessed with Lady Gaga, we decided to have a look at the producer behind her ‘Just Dance’ single. Swedish/Moroccan Nadir Khayat  - for it is he - is one of those producers with the slightly annoying trait of getting stars to sing his name at the beginning of every song. Fortunately for them, he has adopted a simpler moniker: RedOne. Wonder if his mum calls him that?

RedOne has been a very busy man this year, producing Heidi Montag’s ‘Fashion’ and ‘One More Drink’; the aforementioned Gaga’s ‘Just Dance’ and ‘Love Games’; New Kids On the Block’s comeback album... he’s even been hired to work his magic on Michael Jackson’s next effort.

His style sways between europop and clubby hip hop. We like him best when he’s doing pop, as in Tami Chynn’s excellent ‘Frozen’. Listen out for the trademark ‘RedOne’ at the beginning.

»   Robyn: Handle Me (RedOne remix)
»   Lady Gaga: Just Dance
»   Tami Chynn: Frozen
»   Kat DeLuna: Calling You

Not so excellent

»   New Kids On The Block: Summertime (RedOne Remix)
»   Christina Aguilera: Candyman (RedOne Remix)
»   Kat DeLuna: Whine Up
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Heidi Montag
Despite the fact that EVERY American blog seems to be obsessed with her, WAPS doesn’t give a toss about Heidi Montag or The Hills (vile ‘staged reality’ show which spawned her).  However we do know that she’s attempting a doomed pop career, and this alone makes us love her a bit.  

She was the first one to sample Yazoo’s ‘Situation’ (as The Saturdays* and Nosheen** have recently attempted) with her excellent ‘Body Language’, and now she’s back with the rather silly but rather brill ‘One More Drink’.  And as a matter of fact, ‘Fashion’ is pretty marvellous as well – well, it was produced by Red One, the mastermind behind Lady Gaga’s ‘Just Dance’.

What do you think?

»  Saturdays' ‘If This Is Love’
»  Nosheen song ‘Dirty Deluxe’
»  Yazoo ‘Situation’
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Lady Gaga
Presenting Lady Gaga
…well in the States, at least. The stunning ‘Just Dance’ is now hitting radio across the pond, and is scheduled for an August release in the UK. It’s a belting electro masterpiece packed with vocoders and an unusually dark melody (even Akon can’t spoil it) - the super-stylish and fun video is also a must see

We hear a passing resemblance to Michelle Williams’ ‘We Break The Dawn’ and Wynter Gordon’s ‘Surveillance’ – WAPS is a big fan of this sleek electro/R & B/pop hybrid which seems to be taking over at the moment. Altogether now: ‘just DAY-UNCE! DAY-UNCE! DAY-UNCE! DAY-UNCE!’ etc.

»  Lady Gaga on MySpace
»  ‘Just Dance’ on YouTube
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