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In case you were wondering what song soundtracks the Mirror’s Edge video game advert, it’s ‘Still Alive’ by Swedish singer Lisa Miskovsky. Here’s the original version.

We’re particularly charmed by the Teddybears remix; the same band who originally performed Robyn’s amazing ‘Cobrastyle’. 

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Robyn: special edition

Some artists should be sent to The Naughty Step. According to the SuperNanny website, this method of time out ‘has transformed children’s behaviour’.

Robyn is one of those naughty artists, who constantly rehash old songs and re-issue albums. The latest version of ‘Robyn’, out November 24th, includes new versions of ‘Should Have Known’, ‘Any Time You Like’, ‘Dream On’, ‘Keep This Fire Burning’, and ‘Show Me Love’.

If only Robyn was sent to the Naughty Step, she might have bothered to write some new songs.

Who else do you think should be on the naughty step?
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Open letter to RobynDear Robyn

As much as we loved your self-titled album, it’s been a good 3 years since you conceived it. In that time we’ve gone from obsessively loving it to dying of boredom. We’re tired of a million singles, even if they are re-jigged. And now you’re releasing a song with someone else.  Christian Falk’s single ‘Dream On’ (featuring you) is nice enough, but we want a new album.

So get your bum in the studio and record a proper follow-up. Please.

Yours sincerely,

PS here’s the video for the new version of ‘Dream On’, out November 17th (UK).
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Three years after release, Robyn is still promoting her self-titled album. This week saw the release of the video for electro-stomper ‘Cobrastyle’.

We absolutely love her rendition of the Teddybears song, though the video isn’t one of her most original.

The album is rumoured to be re-packaged in time for Christmas. It’s said the re-release of the album will feature a new version of Dream On.
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While still being very much obsessed with Lady Gaga, we decided to have a look at the producer behind her ‘Just Dance’ single. Swedish/Moroccan Nadir Khayat  - for it is he - is one of those producers with the slightly annoying trait of getting stars to sing his name at the beginning of every song. Fortunately for them, he has adopted a simpler moniker: RedOne. Wonder if his mum calls him that?

RedOne has been a very busy man this year, producing Heidi Montag’s ‘Fashion’ and ‘One More Drink’; the aforementioned Gaga’s ‘Just Dance’ and ‘Love Games’; New Kids On the Block’s comeback album... he’s even been hired to work his magic on Michael Jackson’s next effort.

His style sways between europop and clubby hip hop. We like him best when he’s doing pop, as in Tami Chynn’s excellent ‘Frozen’. Listen out for the trademark ‘RedOne’ at the beginning.

»   Robyn: Handle Me (RedOne remix)
»   Lady Gaga: Just Dance
»   Tami Chynn: Frozen
»   Kat DeLuna: Calling You

Not so excellent

»   New Kids On The Block: Summertime (RedOne Remix)
»   Christina Aguilera: Candyman (RedOne Remix)
»   Kat DeLuna: Whine Up
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Pop Kitty crawl the webMadonna allegedly a bit of a diva in Maidstone. Well, duh [The Mirror]

The Guardian review Madonna in Maidstone [The Guardian]

Scooter grab the #1 album slot from Madonna after just one week [Reuters]

Chanelle’s clothes fall off again - the day before her single drops, amazingly enough [NOTW]

Is the new Indiana Jones film going to bomb? [NY Times]

Girls Aloud - ‘Tangled Up’ tour guide in pictures [Hot Celebs Home]

Robyn talks hair [SF Gate]

Lindsay Lohan confirms she’s working with NeYo, Stargate, Snoop & Akon on hew new album [Brightcove]

Oasis lose their 3rd drummer – this is all a bit Spinal Tap, isn’t it [NME]

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New Singles April 21stAdele ‘Cold Shoulder’
This is the other ‘OK’ one from Adele’s mediocre debut – the one with a similar beat to Massive Attack’s ‘Unfinished Sympathy’. Mark Ronson produced it, but his magic touch is somewhat lacking. It’s not terrible, but it’s not very exciting either. A shame. Click here for the video.

»  Get 'Could Shoulder' on iTunes

The Feeling ‘Without You’
A song about the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre – cheery stuff from The Feeling boys, then.  However, WAPS listened to it several times thinking it was one of those ‘being a pop star on tour is like, so hard’ songs.  Mainly because of the lyric ‘It’s raining hard in North Virginia, just like London town…tell me what I’ve always known, life is love and love’s at home, wonder if they miss me in London?’ Well, The Feeling - WAPS would only miss you if all your songs were as good as ‘Love It When You Call’. Just saying.

»  Get 'Without You' on iTunes

The Hoosiers ‘Cops And Robbers’
Heavily Supertramp-influenced Britpop. It’s somewhere between listenable and ear-vomitingly irritating. The video looks a bit like Oliver! The Musical

»  Get 'Cops and Robbers' on iTunes

Janet Jackson ‘Luv’
Does anyone else always imagine Michael singing when they hear Janet? It’s weird, isn’t it?  Anyway. This is nice-enough, summery R&B pop, but knowing Janet it’s probably about poppers and double penetration.

»  Get 'Luv' on iTunes

Robyn ‘Who’s That Girl’
This is possibly the best song off a ridiculously amazing album. It’s so far ahead of the competition, everyone else may as well just give up – and it’s been around for over 2 years without losing any of its impact. Have you seen the video? Even her hair is stupendous.

»  Get 'Who's That Girl' on iTunes

Single of the week by a mile is Robyn. Well done Robyn!

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Snoop Dogg’s new single ‘Sensual Seduction’ is the best thing he’s done since ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ – it’s funky, retro and a little bit electro.  Plus, it’s absolutely smothered in vocoder and has a very silly video. What’s not to like?

Oh, and he’s only gone and done a remix with WAPS heroine Robyn, calling it ‘Sexual Eruption’. Ooh she’s a cheeky one! This is mind blowingly exciting for all the Robyn fans desperate for new material – and might just help her ‘do a Winehouse’ in the States. No word yet on how this version will see the light of day but Tim Westwood’s playing it instead of the original – makes sense, the inclusion of Robyn instantly makes things 100% more awesome:

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