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Third single 'Issues' by girlband The Saturdays is pure pop, while previous singles 'If This Is Love' and 'Up ' were leaning more towards electro pop. Their new video sees the colour theme continued; this time it's the umbrellas.
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   Sugababes: Catfights and Spotlights  Girls Aloud Out Of Control  The Saturdays: Chasing Lights
ALBUM Catfights & Spotlights Out of Control Chasing Lights
REVIEWS » Guardian
» BBC Music
» Times Online
» The Independent
» Attitude Magazine: 2/5
» Popjustice
» Attitude Magazine: 4.5/5
» Times Online
» Guardian
» Belfast Telegraph
SOUND Motown inspired, leaning more towards R&B Slick and edgy as always; pop with hints of electro 80s inspired electropop with a modern sheen
» You On A Good Day
» Can We Call A Truce
» Nothing’s As Good As You
» Unbreakable Heart
» Side Chick
» The Promise
» The Loving Kind
» Untouchable
» Love Is Pain
» Miss You Bow Wow
» Revolution in the Head
» If This Is Love
» Up
» Work
» Set Me Off
» Why Me, Why Now
» Lies
» Issues
VERDICT A sleek, strong album, though the girls may have lost some of the edge which set them apart back in the day. Sadly, this looks set to underperform - though it’s actually better than their last release, the number one ‘Change’. Possibly less instant and cohesive than previous effort ‘Tangled Up’, but this album shows the Girls are far from running out of steam. In fact, they seem unstoppable at the moment. Out of the 3, they have the best album cover. At points the music is borderline cheesy pop, but this remains a very impressive debut (and only £5.99 on iTunes).
WEBSITEThe Sugababes
Girls Aloud
The Saturdays
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As our beloved Mary ‘Queen of Shops’ Portas told us earlier this year, bright coloured tights are the trend for this the year. The Saturdays were clearly paying attention. Here’s their video for ‘Up’ featuring legs in many colours.
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The Saturdays

New girl-group du jour The Saturdays have launched their campaign for second single 'Up'.

The band's previous release 'If this Is Love' charted just a few weeks ago - at the slightly disappointing position of eight – and in typical 2008 fashion, the new song is taking centre stage already.

Band member Frankie (previously of creepy tween sensations S Club Juniors) phoned in to Radio1 on Saturday night to give 'Up' its first spin, and a 60-second edit of the track can also be heard on MySpace and Bebo.

What do you think of 'Up' – is it better than 'If This Is Love'? Do Girls Aloud and Sugababes need to watch their backs? And what do you make of this performance of 'Issues' from Channel 4's Nokia Green Room – the WAPS verdict: a tad shouty in places, but promising.

»    The Saturdays on Bebo
»    The Saturdays on MySpace
»    The Saturdays' official website
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With their debut single ‘If This Is Love’ set for physical release 28th July, we’re having a look at what to expect from the album.  Here’s the album sampler. Enjoy!

    The Saturdays on MySpace
»    The official website

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Heidi Montag
Despite the fact that EVERY American blog seems to be obsessed with her, WAPS doesn’t give a toss about Heidi Montag or The Hills (vile ‘staged reality’ show which spawned her).  However we do know that she’s attempting a doomed pop career, and this alone makes us love her a bit.  

She was the first one to sample Yazoo’s ‘Situation’ (as The Saturdays* and Nosheen** have recently attempted) with her excellent ‘Body Language’, and now she’s back with the rather silly but rather brill ‘One More Drink’.  And as a matter of fact, ‘Fashion’ is pretty marvellous as well – well, it was produced by Red One, the mastermind behind Lady Gaga’s ‘Just Dance’.

What do you think?

»  Saturdays' ‘If This Is Love’
»  Nosheen song ‘Dirty Deluxe’
»  Yazoo ‘Situation’
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