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ImageBackstreet Boys ‘Helpless When She Smiles’
Adequate AOR ballad with the softest of soft-rock edges; this is not terrible but it sounds hopelessly out of step with everything else coming out at the moment.  Hard to see why they are ploughing ahead with a second comeback in the face of total public indifference – maybe they’re skint?

The Futureheads ‘Radio Heart’

Another band who are also soldiering on bravely, despite the fact that their ‘moment’ passed briefly back in 2004.  This is typically fraught and jerky but will ensure that they remain in exactly the same position they’ve always occupied.

Justice ‘DVNO’

Another heavily filtered club track from the French duo – lots of slap bass and stop-start beats, and parts which sound as if the song’s going through a washing machine. Cassius meets Daft Punk, basically – little surprise there then.  The track itself is probably a bit too awkward to become a radio hit, but dance connoisseurs will most likely lap it up. The glossy video is amazing though. You’ll want to lick your computer screen.

Amy McDonald ‘Poison Prince’

She’s not ‘cool’ like Adele or Kate Nash, or high profile like Duffy and KT Tunstall, but this is miles better than anything that lot have done recently.  The song will no doubt feel rather old to the 500,000+ who’ve already got the album, so this is unlikely to trouble the singles chart much. Good stuff nonetheless.

Rihanna ‘Take A Bow’
Already sitting pretty at number 2 in the UK (and equally massive stateside), you really should know what this sounds like by now. It’s less immediately poppy than her recent output but Rihanna’s distinctively cold vocal give this R&B ballad enough edge to satisfy fans waiting for her next album proper.

Single of the week? It’s a tough one…we’re going to say Rihanna because we don’t want her to come and shoot us down with her laser-firing robot eyes.
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WAPS looks at this weekKelly Rowland ft Travis McCoy ‘Daylight’
This is ‘old-skool’ or ‘nu-soul’ or something like that. It’s got a bit in it that sounds like Shanice’s ‘I Love Your Smile’. It would be merely inoffensive, except for the inclusion of that kooky twat from Gym Class Heroes who adds a totally pointless and irritating rap to Kelly’s latest sure-fire megaflop.  Somebody call the Freemasonzzzzz...

Hadouken ‘Declaration of War’

In which the band shamelessly recycle the verses from their one good song (‘That Boy That Girl’) and remove all the punchy urgency of its chorus – ‘Declaration of War’ is serious(ly shit), whereas ‘That Boy That Girl’ was amazing and fun. Download that instead, they’re unlikely to better it.

One Night Only ‘It’s About Time’
Great news everyone - another Kooks. Because the world needs more corporate indie, right? Oh – to be fair they’re not quite as bad as The Kooks but that’s not saying a lot, is it? Imagine that on your gravestone.

Pendulum ‘Propane Nightmare’

Pendulum are weird – they’ve not only managed to fool people into thinking they’ve invented drum and bass, but also the concept of dance music with guitars on it. Fair play, really. But the really odd thing about this though, is that the vocals sound a bit like Danny McNamara from Embrace. Drum and Embrace, if you will. This track would sound totally amazing if you were 16 and pissed and pushing your mates into hedges. It makes no sense whatsoever in any other context.

Yoav ‘Club Thing’
Somewhat edgy, minimal chillout with a cool chorus from a man who could easily fall back on modelling if the music thing goes tits-up.  This is not so much club music as sex music.  Has a good chance of appealing to Sam Sparro fans. Check out the video for 'Club Thing' - but you might find Yoav’s prettiness distracts you from the song.

Single of the week: none of them really deserve it.  Apparently some bird called Madonna’s got a new record out this week, though...
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WAPS looks at todayKraak & Smaak ‘Squeeze Me’
Simply everyone is tripping over themselves to rave about this: all of Radio 1’s tastemakers (Tong, Lowe, Mac), MTV, Perezhilton…the list goes on. But obviously only WAPS’ opinion counts and…we quite likey.  The beat is the best part, but the soul-style vocal doesn’t sound amazingly original to us.  However a lot of this track’s success so far is probably down to the creative video.

Lupe Fiasco ‘Paris Tokyo’
Mr Fiasco is, according to ‘in the know’ hip-hoppers, a very talented lyricist. So please will someone explain how he gets away with lines like this: ‘Ring ring went the Iphone, it was my homie.’ Dire.

Jack Johnson ‘Hope’
If you’ve ever heard anything by Jack Johnson, then you will already know what this sounds like, because every song he has ever done sounds EXACTLY THE SAME. And if you haven’t, it’s reggae by a white hippie surfer ‘dude’, i.e. hideous.

Keyshia Cole ft Missy Elliott & Lil’ Kim ‘Let It Go’

Sleek R&B with urgent vocals from Cole and a typically phoned-in rap from Missy. Lil Kim could be pouting at the 3.24 mark in the video, or maybe that’s just what her face looks like now? This was a big hit in the US last summer so chances are anyone who would want it has already got it.

Ladyhawke ‘Back of the Van’
We’ve already told you to check out Ladyhawke, but in all honesty this isn’t the track that got our mojo working (that would be ‘Paris Is Burning’ – future single please).  This, however, just sounds a bit too out of tune for comfort. And is the achingly hip production and accompanying retro video borne of a genuine love for 80s synth-rock, or is it a calculated attempt to win over the Topshop crowd? The plot thickens.

The Last Shadow Puppets ‘The Age of the Understatement’
As if you didn’t already know, this is the ‘long awaited’ side-project from Arctic Monkeys main man Alex Turner (plus some mate of his nobody has ever heard of). It’s the Arctics with strings and leaves us distinctly cold. Far too clever for its own good, but it will probably be a hit purely because of Turner’s involvement.

The verdict – Kraak & Smaak edge it over the competition.
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New Singles April 2008Black Kids ‘I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You’
This is pretty much the indiest song ever.  It’s melancholy yet bouncy, robust yet jangley and fey, melodic yet completely out of tune (to say the singer has a Marmite voice would be something of an understatement – put it this way, if you don’t like The Cure you will HATE this) and the lyrics seem to be about being unattractive to the opposite sex.  It’s quite…nice. Worth a listen.

Elliot Minor ‘Parallel Worlds’
A much deserved re-release for this insanely energetic mini-epic from Elliot Minor.  They have been labelled as ‘Mcfly with violins’ by some, but there’s a bit of Muse creeping in there as well. It’s very uncool to like this band, which is a shame because this is actually brilliant.

Scouting For Girls ‘Heartbeat’
Not as terrible as ‘She’s So Luvverly’ or that ‘Elvis’ one. WAPS has nothing more to say on the issue. Let’s move on.

September ‘Cry For You’
Yet another dance track based around a big fat sample from the ‘80s. (It’s Bronski Beats ‘Smalltown Boy’, FYI.)  But it’s rather good, so who cares. And the singer looks a bit like Sarah Alexander of Green Wing and Smack The Pony fame.

Sam Sparro ‘Black And Gold’
Luxuriously dark electro pop which has already been riding high in the charts for two weeks now. Could a physical release push it to #1? Stranger things have happened…

The verdict – it’s a tie between Sam Sparro and Elliot Minor.

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New SinglesThe Kooks 'Always Where I Need To Be'
Undeniably catchy guitar pop with terrible vocals – yep, The Kooks are back!  The album will probably be inexplicably huge but we think they need a new sound (not to mention a new look – dirty vests, skinny jeans & trilbies are gross. Get some snazzy neon leggings boys, that’s what WAPS is wearing.)

Crystal Castles 'Courtship Dating'
Strange, glitchy electro re-release. Timbaland allegedly swiped a large chunk of it for ‘Ayo Technology’. Decide for yourself here. Fun fact - the band are named after She-Ra’s home.

Akon 'Can't Wait'
We can’t wait…for this to end! Badum-tish and so on.

Bow Wow ft. Omarion 'Hey Baby'
Rhymes ‘Brenda’ with ‘agenda’, but apart from that we wouldn’t advise wasting your time on it.

Bullet For My Valentine 'Hearts Burst Into Fire'
A faux-epic slice of metal cheese which sees the Welsh screamers edge closer to MOR territory. Crap title, as well.  

Claire from Steps
Newton Faulkner 'I Need Something'
Yes, you need a fucking haircut, you hippie. Dreadlocks on white people are inexcusable, and his are the longest in the world.  Have we learnt nothing from Faye Tozer?

Radiohead ‘Nude’
A delicate and slow moving ballad which is nice enough but doesn’t really go anywhere. There, I said it. They do look quite funny in the video though.


Overall verdict: a poor week for singles.  Crystal Castles is probably pick of the bunch but it’s too screechy to truly get involved with.

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