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Listen: Jessie J album sampler ‘Who You Are’

01241934030 jessie album 300dpi srgb Listen: Jessie J album sampler Who You Are

If you’re still making up your mind about current industry darling du jour Jessie J, have a listen to the 30-second samples of her highly anticipated debut album ‘Who You Are‘ (below), as uploaded by Amazon UK. The album is expected on 28th February.

1. Price Tag Feat. B.o.B
2. Nobody’s Perfect
3. Abracadabra
4. Big White Room
5. Casualty Of Love
6. Rainbow
7. Who’s Laughing Now
8. Do It Like A Dude
9. Mamma Knows Best
10. LOVE
11. Stand Up
12. I Need This
13. Who You Are


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