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Video: JLS, One Direction, Leona Lewis & Michael Bublé perform at X Factor final

This year’s X Factor final eschewed the traditional celebrity duets in favour of appearances from mentors Gary, Tulisa and Kelly (much as we miss Kitty, we’re glad to have been spared a turn from Louis.) However, viewers still got a handful of performances from JLS, One Direction, Leona Lewis and Michael Bublé.

Former X Factor contestants JLS and One Direction attempted a rather half-baked mash up of JLS’s ‘She Makes Me Wanna‘ and 1D’s ‘What Makes You Beautiful‘:

Michael Bublé performed ‘Please Come Home’ from his new album ‘Christmas’, while former X Factor winner Leona Lewis performed ‘Hurt’ from her new EP of the same name. Leona had some difficulties with the low intro of this Nine Inch Nails cover, but managed to blow everyone away in the latter half.

Michael Bublé – ‘Please Come Home’ Live at X Factor 2011

Leona Lewis – ‘Hurt’ Live at X Factor 2011

The (first half of the) final was a big glitzy event at Wembley Arena, but we can’t help but think that the musical guests are starting to get rather stale. JLS have performed three times this year on the X Factor alone. Tonight will see performances from Westlife and Coldplay, a band who earlier this year told reporters:

“We all love The X Factor and enjoy the show but we can’t go on it. [...] We do something different and we’re far too old.”


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