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Kate Bush revists ‘Sensual World’ and ‘Red Shoes’ on new ‘Director’s Cut’ album

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After rumours and a tentative confirmation, it has now been announced legendary pop siren Kate Bush will be releasing new album ‘Director’s Cut‘. The album will be a collection of revisited tracks from Bush’ 1989′s The Sensual World and 1993′s The Red Shoes and will be released 16th May.

The album is preceded by a new version of ‘Deeper Understanding‘ and will be released as a single in April. ‘Deeper Understanding’ is a song about a person who prefers the company of a computer over human contact.

Deeper Understanding – original version from 1989

The press release on her Facebook page mentions the new set:

“presents a fascinating portrait of an artist in a constant state of evolution. She has re-recorded some elements whilst keeping the best musical performances of each song – making it something of a director’s cut but in sound, not vision.”

Kate is currently working on new material although no release date has been set for this.

‘Director’s Cut’ will be released as standard CD in a case-bound book, Deluxe CD (three disc package, including Director’s Cut, The Sensual Word and re-mastered The Red Shoes) in a case-bound book and two-disc vinyl.

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