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Kelly Clarkson Already Gone cover

Kelly Clarkson ‘Already Gone’ (Video)

The Joseph Khan-directed video for Kelly Clarkson‘s ‘Already Gone’ has arrived, and things are really ‘kicking off’ with this ballad, let us tell you.

According to Kelly, she wrote the song with One Republic’s Ryan Tedder, who went off and secretly gave Beyonce a very similar track (‘Halo‘) which ended up being released before Kelly’s ‘All I Ever Wanted’ album came out. Kelly was so peeved that she begged her label to remove ‘Already Gone’ from her album, and has now revealed – perhaps unsurprisingly – that she really didn’t want it to be a single. On top of all this, Khan has intimated via Twitter that he is not happy with the video but that he had to step back and let Team Kelly edit it however they saw fit. Meanwhile, Tedder denies any wrongdoing but is, we suspect, probably quite pissed off about the whole thing.

We never thought the songs were all that similar, to be honest, but at least this is some much-needed publicity for Kelly, whose ‘All I Ever Wanted’ seems to be struggling somewhat.


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