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La Roux Slates The Saturdays & Lady GaGa

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la roux quicksand 3jpeg 490x275 La Roux Slates The Saturdays & Lady GaGa

La Roux in Quicksand

UK synth-pop darling La Roux – currently number two with ‘In For The Kill’ – has taken a rather catty swipe at some of her peers.

In an interview with Scotland’s Daily Record, La Roux – aka Elly Jackson – said:
I don’t want to copy anyone else and I have never tried to sing like anyone else. It’s weird. The men are doing more singing in bands, people like the frontmen in White Lies and Editors and Kings of Leon, than the girls. There are so few females actually singing nowadays.

With girls, it’s either empty, hollow girl pop like The Saturdays or the half-speaking-half-singing mockney thing or Lady GaGa, which I don’t think you can call singing.

“Florence, of Florence & The Machine, is a great singer and Adele is as well and, obviously, Amy Winehouse, if she is going to be able to sing much longer. Who knows? But I think we need a few more people in the music industry who are singing and feeling what they are singing.”

“There’s always been two sides to pop. There have always been novelty acts. There is too much manufactured stuff at the moment and not enough of the good stuff. Hopefully, that will change.”

La Roux – if you’re reading this, what do you mean when you say there’s ‘too much manufactured stuff’? There’s X-Factor, Girls Aloud and The Saturdays that we can think of. The rest of the current new wave of pop is made up of artists like yourself – for example, Little Boots, Frankmusik, VV Brown and so on. Care to explain? Oh and PS, nobody cares about your vintage bloody clothes.

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