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Listen: Aqua return with ‘How R U Doin’ (full song)

aqua Listen: Aqua return with How R U Doin (full song)

Fans of our Facebook page will be aware of Aqua‘s new single ‘How R U Doin‘, which was previewed earlier this week. The track doesn’t really qualify as a comeback seeing as they released new material at the end of 2009 (‘Back In The 80s‘ and ‘My Mama Said‘), but unlike those songs, ‘How R U Doin’ is not intended to promote a hits collection. Yes, that’s right – a new Aqua studio album appears to be on the horizon. Will you be buying?

Have a listen to ‘How R U Doin‘ and see if it helps you make a decision…

‘How R U Doin’ is available to download from Monday (March 14th).

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