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Listen – Britney Spears ‘Drop Dead Beautiful’ (snippet)

britney spears femme fatale album cover 210 e1299406222624 520x509 Listen   Britney Spears Drop Dead Beautiful (snippet)

Britney Spears continues her buzz campaign by unveiling yet another song snippet from ‘Femme Fatale’: ‘Drop Dead Beautiful‘. The snippet was leaked early, hence the ‘bad media karma’ tags all over it – these are not expected to appear on the final version.

‘Drop Dead Beautiful’ joins the previously released snippets ‘Seal It With A Kiss’, ‘Criminal’, ‘Inside Out’, ‘I Wanna Go’, ‘How I Roll‘ and the collaboration ‘The Big Fat Bass‘. Add the singles ‘Hold It Against Me‘ and ‘Till The World Ends’ to that list and there’s not much left to tease us with…

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