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Listen: Elsie – Dakota

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Meet Elsie. Originally from Liverpool, but now calls London home. Her PR biog tells us that she’s a ballsy chick, and makes music for people who like to drink, dance and hear about real life over riff-heavy, Blondie-inspired tracks played by her band of real musicians. We can get on board with that. Oh – and The Sunday Times tipped her as a “one-to-watch newcomer”.

She says: “I’m doing songs for people who listen to Rihanna or Lady GaGa, but love a bit of Kasabian or Arctic Monkeys too. You’ll want to dance to it in a nightclub AND sing along at a festival.”

Her first single will be out in January, and promises to be a dancefloor-heavy track produced by Jim Lowe, the man behind the Stereophonics’ sound. But in the meantime, have a listen to her cover of Stereophonics’ ‘Dakota’.


Time To Go

More about Elsie here.

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