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Listen: Jessie & The Toy Boys ‘Push It’

The artist formerly known as Jessie Malakouti is giving it another go under the guise of new ‘band’ Jessie & The ToyBoys (the Toyboys are mannequins…or something.) Jessie is most famously known for penning a song that was ALLEGEDLY ripped-off by Team Britney for ‘If U Seek Amy’.

Jessie & The Toy Boys’ debut single ‘Push It’ features rapper Yelawolf and was produced by Jimmy Harry and No Doubt‘s Tony Kanal, which is fitting given that Jessie’s voice more-than-occasionally strays into Gwen Stefani territory. ‘Push It’ is full of crunchy beats and electronically manipulated melodies, with Jessie pleading “I’ve been trying to get a little bit closer to you, I’ve been dying to get a little bit closer to you.”

Will the record-buying public answer her call this time?

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