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Listen: Ke$ha ‘Shots On The Hood Of My Car’

Keha 14 520x346 Listen: Ke$ha Shots On The Hood Of My Car

A ‘new’ Ke$ha track entitled ‘Shots On The Hood Of My Car‘ has started doing the rounds, though we’ve no idea what it is or where it’s come from – some sources are calling it a new single, though we’re guessing it’s either a scrapped demo or album off-cut.

‘Shots…’ has a perfectly nice chorus and some lovely electro noises in the background, but the verses take Ke$ha‘s trademark talk-singing to new levels of auto-pilot – hence our doubts about it.

Listen below:

…and if that doesn’t work, click here and scroll down to ‘K’.

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Your thoughts

2 Responses to “Listen: Ke$ha ‘Shots On The Hood Of My Car’”

  1. Mario Verdicchio 20. Jul, 2011 at 4:04 pm

    I thought Ke$ha went super-gangsta with some drive-by shootings.
    (Hence, the -gun-shots on her car's hood.)

  2. León Alberto 20. Jul, 2011 at 7:18 pm

    Loved it. A little down-with-the-volume-attitude that I'm used to at listening to Ke$ha, but still loved it.