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Listen: New Britney single ‘Till The World Ends’ leaks online

Britney Spears Till The World Ends  Listen: New Britney single Till The World Ends leaks online

Team Britney are doing a marvellous job at keeping their charge in the headlines, considering how she is nowhere to be seen (discounting the video announcing her forthcoming GMA mini-gig in late March.)

So far, we’ve heard lots from people such as her manager Adam, record producer Dr. Luke, video director Jonas Akerlund and choreographer Brian Friedman – heck, even the person manning her official merchandise store won’t shut up – but Britney herself is conspicuously absent at the moment. One can’t help but wonder if this is the reason why we are getting countless teasers, snippets and leaks. Is Britney OK? Who knows…

Here’s the second ‘Femme Fatale’ single ‘Till The World Ends’, which was very clearly co-written by Kesha: yesterday listed the release date for ‘Till The World Ends’ as March 11th but we imagine it’s going to be pushed forward…

UPDATE: ‘Till The World Ends’ has been made available for immediate download via iTunes and other digital retailers. Cripes!

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