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Listen: Nicola Roberts posts ‘Sticks + Stones’ lyric video + album clips

NR Sticks 520x282 Listen: Nicola Roberts posts Sticks + Stones lyric video + album clips

As Nicola Roberts gears up for the September 23rd release of her debut album ‘Cinderella’s Eyes’, official clips are now appearing on SoundCloud. More excitingly for Nicola fans, however, is the news that album track ‘Sticks + Stones‘ has been uploaded in full to YouTube.

The song details Nicola’s bittersweet experiences as the youngest member of Girls Aloud, and musically reminds us of Siobhán Donaghy’s second album ‘Ghosts’. Donaghy, of course, had her own girlband troubles as an original Sugababe, not to mention her porcelain skin and flowing red locks…OK, we’re stretching this comparison a bit now. Sorry.

To re-cap – ‘Cinderella’s Eyes‘ clips can be heard here.

‘Sticks + Stones’ can be heard below:

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