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Listen + Watch: Paul Morrell ft. Mutya Buena ‘Give Me Love’ (Video)

mb 520x257 Listen + Watch: Paul Morrell ft. Mutya Buena Give Me Love (Video)

Well hello, what do we have here? Why, it’s another surprise collaboration involving Mutya Buena. The last we heard from Mutya she was fronting the 5 best tracks on 2010′s oddball ‘Sound of Camden‘ album (if you missed her covering The Pixies’ ‘Hey‘ you’re in for a treat), which sadly seemed to vanish without trace.

Her appearance on Paul Morrell’s ‘Give Me Love‘, however, is potentially more of a mainstream proposition – even if the stomping, string-led house sound does remind us of a time in the late ’90s when Pete Tong and Dave Pearce seemed to be all over Radio 1.

Also, we’ve just realised something – 2011 could well be the year in which we see solo releases from all original Sugababes (yep, including Siobhan Donaghey if rumours are to be believed) as well as a new album from Sugababes 4.0. Chart-based catfights ahoy!

Anywho, you can watch Paul Morrell & Mutya Buena’s ‘Give Me Love’ video below. Warning: may not have had the highest of budgets:

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