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Live report: The Good Natured launch ‘Skeleton’ EP in London

the good natured electro pop skeleton ep Live report: The Good Natured launch Skeleton EP in London

WAPS was invited along to the launch of The Good Natured‘s ‘Skeleton‘ EP last night at Hoxton’s Bar & Grill, and the emerging three piece certainly put on a memorable show. Lead singer Sarah played a laser harp (A LASER HARP) and sported the most outrageous hair we’ve seen since Rebekah Brooks went on trial, not to mention hotpants and a slick pair of white gloves. Rather heroically, she wasn’t afraid to spend much of the gig singing from the audience – despite a vision-reducing fringe that even Faris Horror might deem ‘a bit much’.

The band rattled through a fat-free set of gothy disco-pop including the excellent ‘Wolves‘; ‘Your Body Is A Machine‘; ‘Skeleton‘ (obviously); plus former single ‘Be My Animal’. Not even a malfunctioning laser harp could stop them – but hey, even Jean Michel Jarre has his off days.

The band will soon be heading back to the studio to continue work on their debut album, but for now you can tide yourself over with ‘Skeleton’, which is out now.

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