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Monrose: Like a Lady (new single)

Monrose w01 Monrose: Like a Lady (new single)


Update: the full version of ‘Like a Lady’ premiered earlier this week. Enjoy!

With Girls Aloud on an indefinite hiatus, Sugababes suffering from a creative drought and The Saturdays not really catching on, it’s not such a bad idea to look across the borders for some fresh girl bands. German threesome Monrose have long been serving up feisty girlpop in central Europe, but perhaps their fourth album ‘Ladylike‘ (expected this summer) will see them break into the UK. Here’s a little preview of their forthcoming single ‘Like A Lady‘ (here’s a longer version in low quality).

0 Monrose: Like a Lady (new single)

If you’re not familiar with the girls who won the German version of Popstars, they sound a bit like Girls Aloud if they did R&B Pop. Here are some of their best tracks: Hit ‘n’ Run, Hot Summer, Strike The Match and Strictly Physical.

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