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Mutya Buena covers The Pixies & more on ‘Sound of Camden’ album

Mutya Buena appears on The Sound of Camden

Stop what you are doing and click here to stream Mutya Buena‘s astonishing cover of the Pixies‘ classic ‘Dolittle’ cut, ‘Hey‘.  (Listen to the original here.)

We don’t know much about this yet, but we can tell you that the ex-Sugababe has supplied her distinctive vocals to a covers album going by the name of The Sound of Camden. Of the project, which is designed to capture the unique diversity and musical spirit of North London’s Camden market, Mutya said:

“I am connected to the market and now I am singing songs that my mother loves as well, it’s amazing !”

It features a pierced punk monkey on the cover (how very Camden) and appears to contain brilliant trip-hoppy takes on classic alt-rock songs from artists including The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Radiohead, U2, Audioslave, The Cranberries and more.

Mutya is rumoured to feature on six of the 11 tracks, but until we know  more all we can do is show you the tracklisting after the jump. Oh – and tell you that it’s due out on September 22nd.

1. Anybody Seen My Baby (Rolling Stones)

2. Come As You Are (Nirvana)

3. Come Back And Stay (J. Lee/Paul Young)

4. Creep (Radiohead)

5. Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2)

6. Like A Stone (Audioslave)

7. Shine On (House of Love)

8. Hey (Pixies)

9. Zombie (Cranberries)

10. I Run (Flock of Seagulls)

11. Ancient Melody (Roy Sela)

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4 Responses to “Mutya Buena covers The Pixies & more on ‘Sound of Camden’ album”

  1. What other songs beside, Anybody Seen My Baby and Hay, is sung by Mutya?

  2. Hi – she sings:

    Anybody Seen My Baby
    Come As You Are
    Sunday Bloody Sunday

  3. Just head her cover of Creep. It real good

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